Saturday, December 29, 2018

Vice - Viet Volunteering Of International Care And Education In Vietnam(For Indonesian Citizen) 2019, Vietnam

The development of the world today undergoes a process of change towards a new world order. Behind the change process itself, we cannot deny that there are still many people who still need our helping.
Based on the statement above, Youth for Education plans to run the program VICE-VIET. Youth for Education is a Non-Government Organization that was just founded on September 18, 2018 and in collaboration with Youth Collab. VICE-VIET itself stands for Volunteering of International Care and Education in Vietnam.
Types of VICE-VIET activities are Homestay in several humanitarian institutes in Hanoi. Bleak orphanages, disability, and others. The goal are to give enthusiasm to persons with disabilities and to introduce Indonesian language and culture in English teaching activities.
The reason we chose Vietnam, because of the large number of English language institutions organized by Vietnamese youth, it moved us to combine humanity, education, and additional culture.

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Benefit and cost:
  • Registration Fee : IDR 200.000 (For Donation) 
  • Scholarship only for program (Exl. Ticketing Flight) 
  • What yiu get:
  • Meal
  • Transport
  • Tour Heritage
  • Certificate
  • T-Shirts
  • Hostel

  • Youth aged 19-35 years.
  • Willing to follow, obey the program rules and able to work in team.
  • Have a high commitment to be a global community, a spirit of dedication, humanity, volunteering, and education.
  • Have a good character do not have record of bad behavior.
  • Able to teach English

How to Apply:
  • Fill the form and pay the registration fee to Mandiri Bank 1730002062801 Nurbani Syifa
  • Follow @youth4education and @youthcollab
  • Upload instagram Video about “The Important of English” with the hastags #SLA4INDONESIA #VICEVIET #YOUT4EDUCATION, tag @youth4education and @youthcollab and 5 your friends
  • Top 30 selected candidate volunteers will be sent to your email for interview (Video Call)
  • Top 20 selected candidate volunteers will be sent to your email and Forum Group Discussion (Video Call)
  • The 10 selected volunteers will be announced on @youth4education instagram. 

15 January 2019 

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