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[High School] TARUNA NUSANTARA High School Scholarship 2019, Indonesia

LPTTN as a management unit of SMA TN is based in Jakarta. The obligation and authority of the LPTTN concerns the management of planning, implementation, and supervision / control of operational activities of SMA TN. In this case, LPTTN has authority in the management of personnel or human resources (HR), finance, and material.
In the HR field, the LPTTN organizes new student recruitment, recruitment and management / guidance of personnel (school administrators, school staff / employees), and establishes basic decisions regarding high school students and senior high school officials, such as determining severe sanctions for student violations, appointment and dismissal of ties personnel work, promotion and income, etc.
In terms of financial management, the LPTTN formulates a school budget plan based on the submission of TN National High School with consideration of the School Committee and YKPP, formulates the amount of school fees and down payments, seeks and manages other legitimate financial resources to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of education in National High School TN.
In the material field, LPTTN has the authority to plan, organize, maintain and improve hardware in the form of infrastructure and educational facilities. In addition, the LPTTN also has authority in the basic concepts and philosophies of education, education strategies, education systems, curricula, and student development and staffing software (in the form of Tri Prasetya Students, Student Honor Codes, PUDD, Perdupsis, Administrative Implementation Guidelines, etc.) .

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Please check the "How to Apply" section for information about scholarship 
  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI), male and female.
  • Graduated from junior high school / TP level. 2018/2019 or TP. 2017/2018.
  • Junior high school / equivalent.
  • Never repeated in class during junior high / equivalent.
  • The report cards for semester I to V for subjects of Indonesian, English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences are at least 7 5 each with photocopied SLTP report cards / level I semester to V which are legalized.
  • Maximum age of 17 years when entering education (July 2019).
  • Physical and spiritual health, proportional height and weight.
  • Good behavior with a certificate from the school.
  • Approval of parents / guardians, willing to stay in a dormitory, able to comply with school regulations and fulfill the KKM requirements set by Taruna Nusantara High School.
  • The list of conversion values ​​and diplomas that are legalized by Kembuddikdasmen for overseas junior high school level or the local Education Service Office for junior high school chassis backgrounds in domestic schools, as well as 2013 SLTP curriculum from scale 1-4 into a scale of 0-100.
  • Paying fees, school fees, school committee fees and voluntary contributions 

How to Apply:
  • School Fee Category (IS) .
    Fill in Form No. 01-2019 in blue, is able to pay at the same time as tuition, School Committee money, July IS money & voluntary donations.
  • Special Contribution Category (KK) .
    Fill in Form No. 01A-2019 red & Form No. 03-2019, as well as being able to pay at the same time the base money, School Committee money, July IS money and KK money. 
  • Scholarship Category (BS) .  
    • Pure, conditions:
      a) Junior high school / grade level I to V, subject B. Indonesia, B. English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, each min 8 5 , other subject values ​​are min 80 .
      b) Personal income / guardian max Rp. 5,000,000 / month.
      c) Fill in Form No. 02-2019 in yellow (BS), Form No. 04-2019 and No. Form. 05-2019; 
    • Achievements , conditions:
      a) The report card grades in the first semester to V min averaged 90 for all subjects with the lowest value min 85 .
      b) Income of parents / guardians is not determined.
      c) Charged with Health and Psychology Examination fees.
      d) Fill in Form No. 02-2019 yellow (BSP) and Form No. 04-2019. 
    • Not paying the base fee, committee money and school fees. 
  • Invitation Category.
    Receiving invitations from LPTTN / SMA Taruna Nusantara, report cards & parents' income not determined, are exempt from Academic Selection. Consists of :
    • Scholarship Invitation , conditions:
      (a) Science Olympiad medalists at International level (IMO, IphO, IBO) and gold medals, silver National Science Olympiad (OSN), gold medal Taruna Nusantara High School Student Innovation Competition (LKIP), 1st to 3rd Mathematics, Science and Competition English Language (MSI) organized by Taruna Nusantara High School.
      (b) Exempt from medical and psychology examination fees.
      (c) Register as point c.1); 
    • Invitation to School Fees , conditions:
      a) OSN bronze medalist, Harapan 1 & 2 MSI.
      b) Charged with Health and Psychology Examination fees.
      c) Register as points a. 
  • Submission of Forms.
    Submit the registration form and its attachments in triplicate:
    • SKKB from School;
    • Health Certificate from the Doctor of Government Institution (Civil / Military);
    • Photocopy of Student Identity Card;
    • Photocopy of Birth Certificate that has been legalized;
    • Photocopy of first semester to V semester junior high school report cards that have been legalized;
    • Photograph of school uniform, 3x4 blue background (3 pieces);
    • Photocopy of achievement certificates at the local, national or international level in the academic, sports and arts fields (if any);
    • Special scholarship track applicants also submit:
      • a) List of parent / guardian income authorized by the place of employment for employees, or by Head of Village / Lurah for workers / traders / farmers / fishermen, etc .; 
      • b) Photocopy of Family Card & parent / guardian ID card.

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