Friday, February 26, 2021

[Master Degree] Dexa Award: 2021 Science Scholarship, Indonesia (Fully Funded)

The Dexa Award 2021 Scholarship is intended for Indonesian students who have high enthusiasm and want to implement their expertise in the field of science. Selected candidates are free to choose study programs that are in accordance with research proposals on campus, in all A-accredited universities in Indonesia. 

In addition to getting a full scholarship to master's degree, the Dexa Award 2021 Scholarship winner too have career opportunities at Dexa Group. Participants are required to make a proposal by selecting 1 out of 3 scientific groups (Rumpun) provided (will be announced)

  • Full Scholarship
  • Free to choose study programs at all accredited A universities in Indonesia
  • Postgraduate research proposal submitted related to human health 
  •  Dexa Award winners: Science Scholarship have a career opportunity at Dexa Group. 

  • An Indonesian citizen.
  • Is a graduate of S1 OR is a student who is studying S1 OR already apply for S2 in A. accredited tertiary institutions
  • Submit the original proposal according to the instructions for filling out the proposal 
  • Not currently receiving another scholarship
  • Have not made administrative payment / registration for S2 tuition fees
    (Administration fee for S2 tuition fees is not the same as S2 entry exam registration fees)
  • All papers, ideas, methodologies will belong to Dexa Group. 

Requirement for Admission:
  • Submit a certificate received at the university's S2 program in Indonesia (institution with A accreditation), 2021 or 2022 study programs.
  • Scholarships can be postponed until the S2 study program in 2023 (if the current winner is still in the undergraduate study)
  • Not getting a scholarship from another party.
  • Become a full student during the Masters program.
  • Conduct scientific research while studying S2.

How to Apply:
  • To register for the 2021 Dexa Award Scholarship, applicants can register at the Official Website (HERE) Fill in the complete data yourself, then submit the proposal that has been made.

21 April 2021