Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Young Global Changers Scholarship Programme - Summer School, Berlin (Fully Funded)

As part of the Global Solutions Summit 2019, we invite outstanding young talents with first class results in their academic discipline and who are engaged in society - in social, political or environmental activities - to participate in the Global Solutions summit as well as our summer school from March 16-20, 2019 in Berlin.
During five intense days, the participants will connect with policy thinkers and policy leaders from think tanks, politics, business and civil society to share ideas and know-how. During workshops and lectures, the participants work with Nobel laureates, luminaries from academia and economy as well as world-renowned thought leaders. The participants will be able to attend talks and discussions at the 2019 Global Solutions Summit and will engage with the content and ideas discussed at the summit.

We are offering full scholarships for qualified candidates to participate in the Young Global Changers program 2019. The scholarship will cover all conference fees, costs for the summer school, accommodation as well as travel expenses to and from Berlin.  

Successful applicants will gain free admission to the 2019 Global Solutions Summit and participate in an intensive three-day summer school. As part of the summer school they will engage in lectures, workshops and discussions with experienced people from academia, journalism, business, politics, and civil society. At the summit the Young Global Changers will be able to attend talks and discussions and will intensively engage with the content and ideas that are being discussed. Under the guidance of experienced journalists they will communicate the outcomes and stories of the 2019 Global Solutions Summit to the world. 

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The YGC scholarship includes the following:
  • Travel expenses to and from Berlin
  • Accommodation for the time of the program
  • Free admission to the Global Solutions Summit 2019
  • Summer School workshops
  • Lectures with global thought leaders from academia
  • Sharing your work, thoughts, and ideas with Nobel Prize laureates and great minds from think tanks, business, politics and civil society
  • Joining an exclusive network of like-minded Young Global Changers and building long-lasting relationships

  • Student or young professional with excellent academic achievements
  • Available to attend the summer school and the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin, March 16 - 20, 2019
  • Special interest in one or several of the overarching topics of the Global Solutions Initiative
  • Proof of volunteer work or extracurricular social projects
  • Developing an idea or working on a specific project that you believe will make an impact
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Writing skills and experience in journalism, media production and/or blogging are an asset

Our jury will select the participants by beginning of February 2019. We will contact you shortly after that. Please note that we cannot give any information about the status of your application before the end of the application period.

How to Apply:
Please complete the application form HERE (in English) upload your CV and briefly describe yourself. As part of the application please also choose a G20/T20 topic and explain within 500 characters why this topic is of interest to you. 

If, after reviewing the information, you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact at

20 January 2019

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