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[Bachelor and Master Degree] 65th International Student Conference in Japan 2019 (Scholarship Available)

The overall theme of the 65th International Student Conference reads, “Embrace Diversity as Youths of Today and Driving Forces of Tomorrow.” Based on this theme, 6 academic discussion groups are set, and each group is assigned a topic to be discussed, which reflects heated issues in the present world. This year, 6 topics are selected, which include:
  • The Global Refugee Crisis in the Japanese Context
  • The Feminist Perspectives on Wars and Conflicts
  • Freedom of Speech and its Restrictions in Today’s World
  • Economic Growth and Human Well-being
  • Mental Health Care: Creating a mentally healthy lifestyle for young people
  • Marine Plastic Pollution
Participants are selected during the spring, and prepare for the conference in the summer through individual research and frequent meetings with group members. During the conference, passionate discussions take place among students of various backgrounds, and on the final day, participants present their discussion outcomes in the form of presentations and ultimately draft up a policy proposal to be submitted to outside organizations. Accepting and respecting different values in the process of discussions and drafting up one policy proposal is not without difficulties. However, overcoming these seeming barriers and attempting to produce one final outcome towards a common mission is essential to truly embrace diversity.
Please find more information about the discussion topic in the official website.

Furthermore, not only academic discussions, but also cultural exchanges happen between the participants, and opportunities to visit around Japan are provided. During the conference, participants take part in Japanese cultural exchanges. The opportunity for participants to experience Japanese culture is one of the many charms of this conference. In the 64th International Student Conference, participants experienced dancing to traditional Japanese dances as well as learning how to play Japanese traditional instruments. In addition, all participants are invited to join one of the Advanced Study Tours, which will be held in 6 different locations, including Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, Okayama, and KitaKyushu. The Advanced Study Tours will take place right before the conference from August 21st to 24th. Through this tour, participants will be able to visit one of Japan’s most famous destinations, and it will surely be a valuable occasion to further understand Japanese culture. Furthermore, during the conference, one day is devoted to sightseeing in Tokyo, and participants visit famous locations such as Asakusa, Shibuya, and Yokohama.

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  • You will be able to discuss heated topics in the present world with students from all over the globe.
  • You will be able to voice your discussion outcomes to the society through presentations and policy proposals, which will be submitted to relevant organizations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • You can experience Japanese culture and engage in various cultural exchanges. 

  • Those who wish to apply for a scholarship will be required to fill in a scholarship application at the same time as you apply for the conference itself. Please check this guideline for more details.
  • You can download the scholarship application form here.

Purpose of Scholarship:

To reduce the financial burden of traveling to Japan for students who are eligible but need
financial support.

Egibility for Scholarship:

  • One who agrees with the vision of the International Student Conference and hopes to participate in the conference as a scholarship student.  
  • One who is motivated to set an example for other participants as a scholarship student.
  • One who promises to fulfill the expectations of a scholarship student. 
Scholarship Details:
Amount of Financial Support
  • Asia-Pacific Region : 30,000 JPY
  • Europe / North America : 40,000 JPY
  • Africa / South America : 50,000 JPY
*If you are not sure which region your country of residence applies to, please write down your country on the Google Form. An email will be sent afterwards to clarify the region of your country of residence.

Scholarship Procedures:

Submit the scholarship application as a PDF attachment on google form along with your application.

Requirement for Program:

  • To be a student enrolled in a college, university or graduate and above 18 years old as of June 1st, 2019
  • To be able to participate in all dates of the program with your parents’ approvals to come to Japan at the time of participation.
  • To be dedicated to this conference and to be motivated and responsible during all activities.
  • To have a fluency level of English sufficient enough to participate in discussions held in English.

Participation Fees
  • Overseas residents: 43,000 JPY
  • Japan residents: 60,000 JPY
*Those who do not have Japanese nationality but live in Japan will be asked to pay 60,000 JPY.
*All expenses except accommodation, food, transportation fee will be covered by yourself. Participants coming from abroad will be responsible for paying their flight fees as well.

How to Apply:

  • Please read the application requirements carefully and fill in the required google form and submit it. 
  • Please attach your application and your picture as well. You can download the application format here.

16 March 2019

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