Friday, March 8, 2019

Global Citizen Fellowship Program for Sout Africans (Fully Funded)

This dynamic Program will take Fellows through a five-phase curriculum, specifically designed to equip them with the skills and tools they need to thrive –– not just during their time with Global Citizen but also in any future professional environment.

Throughout the Program, Fellows will be immersed in the use of digital technology for social change, storytelling tactics that shift attitudes, the importance of building lasting professional relationships, and the role of innovation in a constantly changing world.

Four Fellows (based on merit) will travel to New York City in September 2019 to experience Global Citizen’s annual festival in Central Park. The fellows will spend seven days with different teams and departments, while meeting influential people –– all of which will advance their growing skill sets.

  • Ages 18-28 (by time of application).
  • South African citizens and permanent residents only.
  • Applicants should have a matric qualification at a minimum.
  • Applicants should be able to prove that they are active Global Citizens, either through the work they do in their communities or through Global Citizen’s website and/or app (Google Play Store OR App Store).
  • Applicants should be available full-time from 1 May 2019 - 30 April 2020.
  • Family household income of under R120 000, and/or families that are headed by a single parent.
  • Those from minority and underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Fellowship Program involves educational travel trips which include:
  • Round trip airfare from Johannesburg to Cape Town (June 2019).
  • All trip-related meals.
  • All trip related lodging and transportation.
In order to be eligible for educational travel:
  • Applicants should be available to attend 90% of learning sessions in Johannesburg.
  • Applicants should attend all training sessions pre- and post trips.

Application Requirements:
All applicants are required to answer the following questions:
  • How do you identify with BeyGOOD as a Global Citizen?
  • How would becoming a fellow assist you to positively impact your country?
  • What specific issues are you taking action on and why?
How to apply:
  • Applicants can choose between submitting 2-3-minute videos of themselves which can either be emailed to or sent via WhatsApp to +27 63 639 1122.
  • Those who prefer writing can submit a 500-700 word written response.
  • Please attach a copy of your valid South African ID or passport (including the relevant visa).


29 March 2019