Thursday, February 7, 2019

Waste4Change Song Competition #BijakKelolaSampah (For Indonesian) 2019, Indonesia

The study of Jenna Jambeck (2016) named Indonesia as the second largest marine debris producer in the world after China.
Organic waste that is disposed of in plastic wrapped has the potential to experience anaerobic decay (without oxygen) which can produce methane gas (CH4) which if released into free air can cause depletion of the earth's ozone layer.
Waste4Change (PT. Wasteforchange Alam Indonesia) is a social entrepreneurship that provides waste management services ranging from education, transportation, consulting, to recycling. Waste4Change believes that changing people's mindsets and behavior towards waste is the initial capital to support and develop solutions to many waste issues in Indonesia

Terms and Condition:
  • Only accept original / original songs. Not accepting songs that have become public domains then rearranged or replaced with lyrics. The competition is open to the public
  • Participants are free of charge
  • Participants are Indonesian citizens
  • Participants are individuals who are the creators of the songs
  • The lyrics use Indonesian
  • All the completeness of the music and lyrics are the original work of the participants, original, not plagiarized
  • Music and lyrics are not included in similar competitions
  • Music and lyrics never came out as winners in similar competitions
  • The lyrics do not contain elements of SARA, pornography, political choice, or offend certain parties
  • Participants attach their personal data in the form of a scanned document of Indonesian song Identity Card (KTP) at the time of registration
  • One participant can only send one song created
  • The song (music and lyrics) sent is the final version and not the demo version
  • Works can only be sent once
  • Participants attach a statement of originality of the work and are signed on the stamp in the delivery of the work. Participants must save the original document
  • The maximum duration of the song is 180 seconds (3 minutes).
  • The format of the lyrics video is up to the creativity of the participants.
  • The components of music, lyrics and visuals used in the lyrics video are the work of the creator and do not violate the applicable copyright
  • The jury will determine 1st Place, 2nd Place and Third Place
  • The jury's decision cannot be contested.
  • Winners will be asked to send a copy of the copyright transfer that the song and recording of this song will be given to Waste4Change + attach the original document of work + photocopy of ID card
  • Songs and recordings of songs chosen to be the winners of their copyright will be granted entirely to Waste4Change

How to Join:
  • The  Song Management Contest for Wise Waste Management is for individuals or songwriters who are Indonesian citizens and have an Indonesian Identity Card (KTP)
  • 2. For participants in the Wisw\e Waste Management  Song Contest, which is a group / group, registration can be represented by one Indonesian citizen who has a Population Identity Card (KTP) who plays the role of the song creator of the work to be included in the competition.
  • Complete the registration form HERE (duration of registration: January 16, 2019 - March 6, 2019)
  • Follow the Instagram Waste4Change account (
  • Subscribe to the Waste4Change Youtube account (
  • Repost the post image and caption #LCLBijakKelolaThe following waste (following Instagram link) on your Instagram account.
  • See the song terms and conditions that will be included in #LCLBijakKelolaSampah
  • Create your version of "Wise Manage Waste"!
  • Upload your creation song on your Youtube account and include the following information in the caption: #LCLBreadKageWash #LombaCleanBijakBasakSampah #BijakManageSampah #WorldWithoutWaste, as well as your creation lyrics, songwriter name, viewer name, and mention
  • Complete the submission form HERE (15 February 2019 - 19 March 2019)
  • Winners will be contacted directly by the organizer #LCLBijakKelolaSampah via e-mail and telephone

Assessment Criteria:
  • The work does not contain SARA, pornography, political choice or offend other parties
  • Songs are authentic, original, not plagiaristic, not infringing copyright
  • Lyrics with the theme #BijakKelolaSampah, the educational message is right on target, the lyrics must be effective in conveying wise management of waste
  • Music arrangement and composition
  • Meet the conditions required by the committee

  • Registration (January 16, 2019 - March 6, 2019)
  • Delivery of Works (February 15, 2019 - March 19 2019)
  • Announcement of Winners (April 1, 2019)  

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