Monday, March 18, 2019

Anak Gemilang Scholarship 2019 for Indonesian High School Student


Anak Gemilang Scholarship is a scholarship program given to outstanding children from modest families to prepare themselves in the face of the National Examination and SBMPTN through the preparation of learning packages and the ruins of the digital boot camp for the National Examination and National Examination. Later, there will be a college scholarship to graduate for the best students.

  • Online Group Chat per Subject
    Group chat learns with tutor standby, complete Bimbel module, and problem training. 1 group only contains 25 people so learning becomes focus.
  • Other Learning Materials and Content Modules
    Modules made by the Master Teacher are based on the revised KTSP, K-13, and K-13 curriculum. There are also creative learning content such as TTS, comics, and infographics so that learning is not saturated
  • Access Video Learning in the study room
    Thousands of learning videos, problem training, and summaries for each of the main subjects at the high school level are ready for you to get good grades in daily tests, UTS, UAS, UN, and even the SBMPTN.
  • Periodic Evaluation Tryout
    Students will be evaluated regularly with the Ruanguji platform. Scholarship participants will get an 8 tryout to prepare for the real exam.
  • Counseling Room
    Special services for students can consult with Ruangguru Education Councelor regarding learning issues to the selection of majors and universities.
  • Chance to get a college scholarship until you graduate
    Through the Gemilang Anak scholarship program, students have the opportunity to get scholarships to study at dream State Universities (PTN) until graduation. Students with high achievement, aspirations, and motivation will get a greater opportunity to realize their ideals.

  • This scholarship program is open to all high school / MA / Vocational students or 10th and 11th grade all majors.
  • Willing to take part in an intensive program in study and digital boot camp for 1 year.
  • Willing to play an active role in participating in program activities.
  • Planning to take part in the selection of State Universities (PTN) as a requirement to take a college scholarship

Document Required:
  • Documents that must be prepared include:
  • Photograph / scan of student report cards (Semester 1 report cards for grade 10, and Semester 1-3 report cards for grade 11)
  • Short CV / portfolio along with photos / scans of achievement certificates (if any) are made in 1 file
  • Salary slip or parental income statement (for this document tentatively, if there is no parent salary slip it may not be attached)

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for Applying

31 Maret 2019

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