Monday, March 11, 2019

[Bachelor Degree] Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) International Internship Program 2019, Turkey

OIC INTERN is an international internship program aimed at guiding young people in professional career planning by reinforcing academic knowledge gained during their studies with practical applications.
OIC INTERN gives the opportunity for professional experience to young people through work ethic, work discipline and teamwork experience. While giving the opportunity to get vocational and technical experience, enables them also to acquire cultural interaction and intercultural communication skills.
The purpose of OIC INTERN is to contribute to the development of knowledge and skills of young people, to facilitate their entrance into the labor market, to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of the labor force in the long-term and to promote economic competitiveness member countries’ economies.

How Does The Process Work
OIC INTERN provides a meeting point between the candidates who want to work as interns with required qualifications and the institutions that need interns. The institutions that want to recruit interns from OIC INTERN website and the youth who want to do internship apply for the program through the website.
Students can make their preferences according to the sector and the department in which they would like to do their internship. The applications of the intern candidates are evaluated by the Internship Office and the interviews are made later. Orientation training is provided for the students who are admitted to the internship program after the interview results. Following the orientation training, the intern is placed in the institution.
A mentor is assigned for each intern admitted to the program. The mentor maintains communication between the Internship Office, the internship institution and the trainee throughout the entire program. At the same time she/he supports the intern during the whole internship process.
The international students who pursue their study in Turkey, and meet the following criteria will be eligible for OIC Intern International Internship Program:
  • International bachelor students who are at 3rd or 4th grade, 
  • Pursuing post graduate degree,
  • Knowledge of Turkish or English at least at the level of B1,
  • Additionally, Knowledge of Arabic or French at least at the level of B1,  
  • Willing to improve themselves and are open to career opportunities,
  • Under 30 years old,
Intern candidates are obliged to attend the Orientation Training prior to their recruitment in the program.
! Those candidates who are graduated will not be taken into consideration.

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for applying
24 Maret 2019
Click Here  (English)
Click Here (Turkish)