Friday, May 31, 2019

2019 Youth Global Essay Competition by by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea, South Korea

The 2019 Youth Global Essay Competition on “Combat Sexual Violence in Conflict” is an online essay competition for young people worldwide. It is hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Korea and organized by the Institute for Development and Human Security of Ewha Womans University. Through this competition, the organizers hope to listen to creative and innovative solutions to combat sexual violence in conflict and promote women’s participation in peacebuilding in all aspects of conflict and post-conflict peace processes. 


The top three winners from the competition will be invited as panelists to the 1st International Conference on Action with Women and Peace to present their research findings and innovative ideas to help create an inclusive shared vision.

  • Youths between ages 18-32 from all counties are eligible to participate.
  • Participants: Individually or in a team of 2 people. 
  • Papers must be written in English. All participants should have, at minimum, an intermediate command of spoken English in order to participate in the competition. 
  • We strongly recommend that participant(s) have one or more advisors who can provide guidance in the research and writing process. Advisors can be teachers, professors, or other professionals who are able to assist participants in producing a high quality submission. 
  •  Essay Format:
    Papers that do not adhere to the guidelines may be disqualified. Document settings should be double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font style, standard (1-inch / 2.54-cm) margins of MS Word for English (no PDF files). Paper should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words including abstract. References do not count towards the total number of words count. Headings should be numbered by Roman numerals, followed by Arabic numerals (i.e. I – 1 – (1)). Tables and figures should be placed within text and should be numbered.

Topics include:

  • support for survivors of sexual violence in conflict
  • gender-based approach to reconstruction after conflict
  • promotion and protection of survivors’ rights during and after conflict
  • women as agents of change to combat sexual violence in conflict

How to Apply:
Participants must submit both of participation entry form and research paper by June 3, 2019 (Mon) 08:00 am KST. Entry forms and paper should be submitted electronically to: Please submit your paper with the following file name and email subject header: Paper [Primary Author's First and Last Name]. Submission will be acknowledged within one week of submission by email. Late submission may be disqualified. 

Download: Guidelines | Entry form | Poster

03 June 2019