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[Bachelor Degree] ADik Scholarship from Kemenristekdikti (For Indonesian), Indonesia (Fully Funded)

The Higher Education Affirmation Scholarship Program (ADik) is one of the government's efforts to improve access and learning opportunities in higher education for high school graduates or equivalent who have good academic potential but have limited access to higher education.
The ADik program is a form of government partisanship to help universities find and recruit prospective students from the regions of Papua and West Papua as well as leading, outermost and disadvantaged (3T) regions.

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The ADIK program aims to:
  • improve access to higher education in the areas of Papua, West Papua and 3T; 
  • increasing the gross enrollment rate of higher education; 
  • increasing equity in higher education; 
  • broadening national insight for ADik scholarship recipients; 
  • improving the quality of human resources through higher education; and (
  • providing opportunities for students from areas affected by natural disasters and losing access to tertiary education to continue their education at tertiary institutions in other regions. 
The ADik Program is managed by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), through the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (Directorate General of Belmawa) with Universities as education managers and organizers. The government provides tuition fees, living expenses, and coaching or tutoring specifically, so students participating in the ADik scholarship program can complete tertiary education with good results at the best universities. With a variety of other efforts combined to further improve the quality of educated human resources, it is expected that countries can attend to facilitate better so that students throughout Indonesia, especially in the regions of Papua, West Papua and 3T can have wider opportunities to study in higher education 

  • Derived from the regions of Papua and West Papua, the foremost, outermost, disadvantaged (3T) regions, as well as children of migrant workers from the border region.
  • Choosing Universities outside the province of origin or domicile.
  • Students who have graduated in 2018 and students who will graduate in 2019.

Adik Program Participant Pathway
  • SNMPTN Pathway: Participants pass SNMPTN
  • SBMPTN Line: SBMPTN Participants
  • POLTEK Path: Participants pass PN-PMDK and UMPN Participants
  • ADik TEST Pathways: Participants in the ADik Test

How to Apply:

  • For PASSED Participants the SNMPTN registers independently to the ADik system via the page (
  • For SBMPTN Participants and UMPN register independently into the ADik system via the page ( SBMPTN participants must include UTBK scores. For those who pass the SBMPTN and UMPN, they will be included as candidates for the Adik program in accordance with the chosen study program at the SBMPTN and UMPN.
  • For PASSED PMDK-PN Participants register independently to the ADik system via the page (
  • Participants in the SIS Test are registered by the regional government (district / city) to the ADik system via the page (


30 May 2019


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