Thursday, May 23, 2019

International Scholarship Collaboration (Australia Awards in Indonesia - Short Term Award), Australia (Fully Funded)

Australia Awards in Indonesia is looking for applicants from Indonesian institutions that oversee or manage international scholarships for study overseas, who want to develop their knowledge and skills in scholarship management to apply for our two-week short course in Australia on 14-25 October 2019.

This Short-Term Award aims to provide a complete overview by adopting a multi-pronged approach: scholarship programs are explored from the government, managing contractor, university, employer and scholarship recipients’ perspectives. The course explores how the Australian scholarship program has developed, how the scholarship schemes have changed over the years and how Australian Government funded scholarship programs including Australia Awards are administered.

Women and people with a disability are encouraged to apply. This is a fully funded scholarship. Tuition fee, airfare ticket, accommodation, local transport, visa, health and travel insurance will be covered by Australia Awards in Indonesia.

Learning objectives
On completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify further collaboration opportunities between scholarship programs in Indonesia and Australia including joint functions and co-financing, and networking development
  • Discuss the long-term impact and strategic objectives of scholarship programs
  • Benchmark different ways scholarship programs are managed in Indonesia and Australia
  • Explore the role of international scholarships in Indonesia’s human development agenda
  • Compare lessons learned regarding the operational aspects of scholarship programs covering the whole scholarship cycle (promotions, awardee selections, eligibility checks, selection of universities and study programs, mobilisation, on-award support and enrichment programs, monitoring and evaluation, reintegration and alumni engagement) and database management
  • Compare studies on global and regional scholarship programs to understand their theory of change and strategic impact and identify lessons learned to support continuous improvement of the scholarship programs
  • Discuss contracting methods between scholarship programs and universities, payments from endowment funds to the universities and scholarship information management systems and practices
To achieve these outcomes, the proposed short course offers a structured learning process for participants that will utilise a range of learning methodologies, such as classroom sessions; case studies; site visits; workshops, discussions, and planning sessions; simulations and role plays; networking events; an in-depth individual course project.

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  • Logistics – Australia Awards Indonesia will cover the cost of:
    • Return participant travel to the pre-course training
    • Return participant flights from their home base to the course location
    • Return participant travel to the post-course training
    • Per diems to cover living expenses while attending the course
    • Travel insurance for the duration of the course in Australia
    • Accommodation during pre-award and post-award workshop and the course in Australia
    • Transportation to and from the airport, to and from meetings and site visits (including transportation to and from pre- and post-course workshops)
    • Visas to Australia
  • Accommodation
    • In Australia, participants will share two-bedroom apartments, with each person having their own bedroom
    • During pre- and post-course workshops, participants will be required to share a hotel room
    • To respect Indonesian cultural preferences, male participants will share with another male and females will share with other females
  • Language support
    • The course material will be made available in English (language level to be confirmed)
    • Interpretation (not consecutive or simultaneous, but language assistance) is provided if required throughout the course to support participants as required 
To be selected for this course, you MUST:
  • Be a representative from the following targeted central ministries (through a nomination process): Ministry of State Secretariat, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, National Planning Agency (Bappenas), Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Finance (LPDP), or other non-targeted central ministries which offer and fund overseas scholarship program (through an open application)
  • Or Be a representative from provincial government of Indonesia involved in managing overseas scholarship programs (through an open application);
  • Or Be a representative of Indonesian universities that offer and manage international scholarships (through an open application);
  • Have minimum relevant experience and role in overseeing or managing Indonesian scholarship programs that send scholarship recipients to overseas;
  • Have Diploma (D3) qualification or higher
  • Have an endorsement from the organisation/ supervisor;
  • Be committed to prepare and implement an Award Project (Return to Work Project) as part of the award;
  • Be committed to engage actively and foster networks with multiple stakeholders, including in Australia and Indonesia;
  • Be committed to facilitate the transfer of learning from the course with colleagues and peers;
  • Applicants are expected to have professional working proficiency in English. The applicants’ English language competency is part of the selection process. The assessment of language competency is based on a phone interview and any additional evidence provided by the applicant (proof of studies or living in an English-speaking country, working in an English-speaking environment, completion of studies in English, language courses or language tests)
  • The participants are selected through a competitive process; whereby there is a call for proposals, applicants submit a written proposal which is reviewed by a selection panel and the most suitable candidates are chosen 
How to Apply:
Participants will be identified through a competitive process whereby there is a call for proposals; applicants submit a written application which is reviewed by Australia Awards and Australian Embassy to explore motivation and other demonstrated competencies to ensure commitment and interest in the study program.
  • Each targeted Ministry send nomination to Australia Awards in Indonesia office (Deadline 31 May 2019)
  • Both nominated candidates and candidates of the open application scheme should complete an online application form which explores their motivation, role, experience in the relevance to this course, as well as identification of Return to Work Project. (Deadline 30 June 2019)
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a phone interview during in mid July 2019 (TBC). If candidates failed to join phone interview, AAI would not consider them to the next step of review process.
  • The selection panel will convene to select up to 25 participants. The short-listed participants will be informed of the outcome by end of July 2019.
Gender equity will be a consideration and encouraged but not a constraint, given that participants are selected through a competitive Expression of Interest (EOI) process.
31 June 2019