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Training and Volunteer Patriot in Village Belitung (For Indonesian), Indonesia (Fully Funded)

Indonesia Sharing Program & Innovation for Enlightenment is an institution engaged in the social sector and humanity, which accommodates all youth aspirations and Indonesian women to empower in 3T villages (Outermost, Frontier, Disadvantaged). Indonesia Sharing Program & Innovation for Enlightenment is here to help the community the village in developing and advancing the village that escaped the government's view.
Through the Indonesia Sharing Program & Innovation for Enlightenment is expected by young men and women Indonesia, can take real action in helping the community village, and collect data clearly and accurately. Such that it is known, many demonstrations blame the government but not accompanied by data and a strong analysis of the lawsuit submitted to the government. So the government can't find the right solution to complete the demonstration.
Indonesia Sharing Program & Innovation for Enlightenment carrying the theme "Patriot in Village: Training and Service for Indonesia ". Representatives from Indonesian youth will get training in the form of Skill Development Training before plunging into community service.
Indonesian youth representatives will also make excellent programs to provide services best for the community, the program includes: (1) Education, (2) Health, (3) Economy, and (4) Environment. Outputs generated from the community service process is an article and video that is a recommendation to local government to be taken into consideration the process of developing and advancing the area.

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  • A round-trip ticket from Meeting Point
  • Local Transportation
  • Consumption
  • Program Infrastructure
  • Skill Development Training with Winner of Indonesia's Youngest Doctoral Degree
  • Program Assistance
  • Certificate
  • Insurance
There is 2 way to attend the program, Fully Funded and Self Funded
  • Indonesian Youth, student (S1 / S2), and employees who are 16 years old. 35 years old.
  • Commit to attending and following the whole Indonesian Sharing Program & Innovation for events Enlightenment on 5-10 August in Bangka Province Belitung.
  • Unyielding souls, ready for the conditions of change
  • Having high initiative in solving existing problems.
  • Prioritizing the interests of the group / community rather than individual interests.

How to Apply:
Fully Funded
Pahlawan bukan dikenang karena selembar kertas. Pahlawan dikenang karena jasa, tindakan, aksi, dan keberaniannya mendobrak perubahan.

Saya.......(diisi nama pribadi) dengan ini ikut bergabung bersama Pemuda Hebat Indonesia lainnya untuk memberikan perubahan dan berani mewujudkan Indonesia yang lebih baik bersama Patriot in Village Indonesua pada 5-10 Agustus di Pulau Belitung.

Satu hal kecil untuk Indonesia kita, saatnya bergabung dan menjadi bagian dari perubahan baik untuk negeri ini #volunteer #volunteering #volunteers #indonesiakita #relawan #socialproject #fullyfunded #pengabdian #pengabdianmasyarakat.
Then tag inspire.ind instagram on and 10 of your friends.
  • Share poster captions and Patriot In Village information in 10 groups your social media. Share content can be downloaded at the link
  • On the registration form attach the proof of transfer, proof of upload twibbon, and proof of program share.
  • Delegates selected in the entire selection series will contacted further by INSPIRE organizers through telephone, and email after the assessment was carried out by the team selectors and will be announced through the official website and the media social INSPIRE on 29 June 2019

Self Funded
  • Contact INSPIRE Contact Person via Whatsaap on 0813 9211 2012 to ask for the registration policy self funded.
  • Send motivation letter for reasons to participate in Patriot activities In Village of 250 words and Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Biodata to email with subject Pendaftaran Inspire_Selffunded_Nama_Institusi
  • After sending an email, send a confirmation that it has been send a registration email to contact person whatsapp on 0813 9211 2012
  • Wait for 7 working days for the results of the announcement to be received or it doesn't count from the registration confirmation via Whatsapp.
  • Self funded applicants if accepted will be contacted via Whatsapp and email respectively.

24 June 2019

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