Tuesday, May 14, 2019

[Volunter and Culture Exchange] SaudaraSatuNegara#4 Goes To ASEAN 2019 For Indonesian Youth (Fully Funded)

Southeast Asia is an area that has tremendous potential and an important role in the world both in terms of economic, political, geographical and others. This area is formed by countries that have high competitiveness in the regional arena that are very interesting to be used as learning material for each other for increasingly significant progress in the future. In its history, countries in Southeast Asia have jointly worked together to build their country. Especially for Indonesian citizens, both in the past until now has become an important component in the development of human resources in this region and migrating from home is inevitable. However, it is unfortunate that not all of them attain a prosperous level and get a decent living.

With this emphasis,Saudara Satu Negara #4 wants to invite Indonesian youth to jointly learn from the progress and culture of our neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand so that they can be a motivation and evaluation for Indonesian youth as a future generation of builders. Equally important, SSN # 4 will also visit our brothers who are struggling overseas to convey our care as brothers and sisters of the country, Indonesia.

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10 Volunteers selected in the selection process receive the following facilities funded by the Committee #SaudaraSatuNegara (Fully Funded)
  • Return Ticket from the departure point to the destination city airport
  • Excursion Study and Training Program
  • International Community Empowerment Program
  • Local Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Consumption
  • Program preparation, planning and licensing
  • Assistance with program implementation
  • Facilities and infrastructure for program implementation
  • Certificate
  • Uniforms and attributes
  • Insurance
Departure Point:
  • Jakarta
  • Medan
  • Palembang
  • Surabaya
  • Makassar
  • Pontianak
  • Denpasar
The departure point is the airport in the city that is written. The departure point is not related to quota. Volunteer transportation from the area of origin to the point of departure is the responsibility of personal volunteers 

Detail Activities:

  • Community empowerment training by social innovation practitioners, Non-Governmental Organization leaders and academics
  • Visit to world class universities
  • Excursion Study in three countries in ASEAN
  • International community empowerment program
  • Foreign cultural exchange

  • Indonesian youth aged 15-30 years
  • Willing to take part in a community empowerment program.
  • Having a high commitment to become a global community empowerment and service spirit
  • Having a good character, not having a bad behavior record and being able to bring a good name to Indonesia
  • Have good interpersonal skills, communication and relationship building skills.
  • Responsible for every program scheduled
  • Open to all majors. There is no obligation to be able to speak English or other languages.
  • Passport is not required for registration. Passports can be made independently when you want to leave.

How to Apply:
  • Read the registration and program info flow carefully
  • Each participant is required to register to fill out the form through our website saudara1negara.org or click the link directly to the form at bit.ly/formdaftarssn4
  • Make twibbon at bit.ly/maketwibbonssn4 or if you have trouble using twibbon.com you can create it manually with png files that you can download at bit.ly/makepicsartssn4.
  • Then upload your twibbon on Instagram or Facebook with the caption:
    “Hallo! Saya......

    Bersama Saudara Satu Negara #4 saya siap menyatukan langkah untuk belajar, berkarya dan berbagi untuk Indonesia yang berdaya. Saya akan melakukan kegiatan secara nyata dengan cara....

    Saya sudah ikut, yuk giliran kamu untuk ikut bergerak bersama Saudara Satu Negara #4

    #Indonesia #Singapore #Malaysia #Thailand #ASEAN #socialproject #fullyfunded #exchangeprogram #internationalvolunteer”
  • After uploading it on your social media, tag 10 of your friends' accounts. The tutorial can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dQANXgScdg.
  • Sharing activity information to a minimum of 10 groups on owned social media. Share of publications can be done by:
      • Click the bit.ly/shareinfossn4 link -> click the three-point sign in the top right corner -> Click "Share on WhatsApp" -> Share to 10 WhatsApp groups
    • b. LINE
      • Open the Brother Line One Country at the bit.ly/linesaudara1negara link -> Share the publication program for your Brother One Country # 4 to 10 Line Groups
  • Make a commitment fee (registration fee) with the amount: IDR 100,000 before June 9, 2019 through BRI bank account number 383801011729534 an Irma Nurfalina
  • Sending file equipment (CV, scan of identity, motivation letter, screenshots of social media broadcast proof, and proof of payment of commitment fee) to email admin@saudara1negara.org with subject  "Nama_SaudaraSatuNegara #4" before June 9 2019 at 23.59 WIB

09 June 2019

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