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Chemical Engineering Research Competition (CERCo) UNDIP 2019 For SEA, Indonesia

Chemical Engineering Research Competition (CERCo) 2019 is a Chemical Engineering student research competition in the form of several events:
  • Full paper presentation
  • National Seminar
  • Supporting activities
  • Expo
  • Sponsor Expo
  • CERCo Finalists Expo
  • Scientific Club Expo
  • Research Based Entrepreneurial Expo
  • National Poster Competition.

The full paper contested should be based on the main theme which is “Innovation in Applied Research, New and Advanced Technology for Sustainable Development Goals 2030: Chemical Resources Conversion“. With sub-themes:
  • Material, Science, and Development
  • Climate and Environment
  • Waste Treatment
  • Food and Bioprocess
  • Process and System Engineering
  • Separation Process
  • Pharmaceutical Materials

CERCo is a newly given name from the previous LPMTKI. A research competition which was especially held as a chance for the undergraduates to develop as THE AGENT OF CHANGE. This activity as one manifestation of awareness of the development of science and technology in Indonesia and is expected to enhance the development of research from students, in the field of Chemical Engineering.

Creation UNDIP, an event for the undergraduates to compete in research and technology with the final grand event, the National Seminar. The event’s held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia Diponegoro University.

Interested in Green Technology? This year, CREATION hold a National Seminar with the main theme is Innovation in Applied Research and New Technology for Sustainable Development Goals 2030: Chemical Resources Conversion, and presented expert speakers in their field. There are also 3 Room Seminar. 

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  • All participants who pass abstract selection and submit full papers will get an e-certificate.
  • The received paper will be selected and ten finalists who enter the grand final phase reserve the right to compete :
    • First Place : Trophy + Certificate + Cash IDR 12.000.000
    • Second Place : Trophy + Certificate + Cash IDR 9.000.000
    • Third Place : Trophy + Certificate + Cash IDR Rp 6.000.000
    • First Best Presentation : Trophy + Certificate + Cash IDR 1.000.000
    • Second Best Presentation : Trophy + Certificate
    • First Best Prototype : Trophy + Certificate + Cash IDR 1.000.000
    • Second Best Prototype : Trophy + Certificate
  • *For 1st – 3rd winners there will be a chance to publish their paper on scopus-indexed proceeding.*


  • Participants must be registered as an active student diploma or S-1 in Colleges and State.
  • Participant is still a student at the time of competition, proven by attachment of College Student Identification Card copy.
  • Participants can be individuals or groups with a maximum of three (3) people in each group.
  • Members of the group can come from different department in the universities but one of the members should be a chemical engineering student.
  • Before selected, participants must meet the eligibility criteria, namely: Number of members in accordance with the requirements Appropriateness of full papers with the given topic Compliance deadline (collection of proposals is not beyond the deadline)
  • Each team is accompanied by one academic consultant from the same educational institution by attaching the biodata of the academic consultant.
  • Participants who registered should not be replaced with other participants from abstract elimination stage to the last stage. Eligible Regions: South East Asia Countries 

 How to Apply:
  • Participants must be registered first, by filling registration form that can be downloaded from the official website
  • Participants have upload abstract (in the form of a pdf file), registration form and scanned student ID card (in the form of a jpg/jpeg file). Then make one in the form of compressed file zip/rar format with file name CERCo_Stage 1_Scientific work title_ Group leader’s Name_University Name and send via email to
  • The abstract submission is free.

07 July 2019

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