Thursday, June 27, 2019

United Nations – The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme 2020

Do you work directly on law of the sea and ocean affairs issues, including marine scientific aspects? Could you benefit from a Fellowship which would provide you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills? Will your Government or employer or competent organization confirm the above by nominating you? Apply for the United Nations – The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme 2020.

The objective of the fellowship is to provide opportunities for advanced education and research in the field of ocean affairs and the law of the sea, and related disciplines including marine science in support of management frameworks, to Government officials and other mid-level professionals from developing States, so that they may obtain the necessary knowledge to assist their countries to formulate comprehensive ocean policy and to implement the legal regime set out in UNCLOS and related instruments.

Upon completion of the fellowship, fellows should have an advanced awareness and understanding of key issues and best international practices in ocean affairs and are expected to return to their home-countries to contribute their experience to assist with the effective implementation of UNCLOS and related instruments and programmes. Fellows should be able to design, implement and/or evaluate specific improvement projects in their home countries related to ocean affairs, develop a core leadership capacity and have an in-depth understanding of legal frameworks, methodologies and tools to further improve implementation of instruments and programmes and to provide for their effective enforcement in conformity with international law.

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Programme Structure
  • The 9-month Fellowship Programme is composed of two consecutive phases which provide Fellows with advanced and customized research and training opportunities in their chose fields:
  • Phase One: 3-month Research and Training – normally undertaken between March/April and June at DOALOS at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
  • Phase Two: 6-month Advanced Academic Research and Study – normally undertaken between July and December at one of the prestigious participating Host Institutions and under the guidance of subject matter expert(s) who have recognized in-depth expertise in the Fellows’ chosen field of study.
  • Candidates must be nominated by their government, employer or competent organization
  • Be between 25 and 40 years
  • Possess a first university degree in a related discipline
  • Be mid-level professionals who can demonstrate that they work directly on ocean issues
  • Be able to accept the Fellowship for four (critical needs/thematic fellowships) or nine (Nippon Fellowship) consecutive months
  • Be in a good state of health so as to be cleared by the UN Medical Service
  • Be in a position to obtain all relevant visas, including transit visas
  • Women candidates are strongly invited to apply, with a view to achieve gender balance in the selection process.
How to Apply:
Please visit HERE For applying