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[Volunteer] Indonesian Youth And Leader Empowerment - Young People Expedition (Ekspedisi Kawula Muda) at Karimunjawa, Indonesia (Fully Funded)

The Republic of Indonesia is an archipelagic country, where most of the population in remote and remote villages is still poor, limited in the fields of education, health, and information and underdevelopment of the surrounding area. One of the causes of poverty is the lack of access to daily basic needs, health facilities, educational facilities, facilities and infrastructure, and accelerated development in rural areas. Youth as the next generation of the nation is part of the intellectual community that exists in this country, which is expected to be able to assist in the development of the nation and state. Development in the physical sector that continues to advance along with the rapid progress of science and technology needs to be balanced with the progress of society in non-physical aspects.
This activity is called the Young People Expedition, an empowerment program for Indonesian youth through community service activities that prioritize the values ​​of Pancasila as the main foundation in developing the country. The Youth Expedition is a study conducted in the midst of the community in order to implement the knowledge possessed by every young man from various disciplines which can then be applied in the midst of society.

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Objectives and Program Benefits
The goals and benefits of organizing the Youth Expedition are as follows:
  • Through the Youth Expedition, it is hoped that the formation of connectivity between Indonesian people that have so far been unreachable due to its geographical conditions.
  • The Youth Expedition is an implementation step to bring our brothers closer that the NKRI is one and the sea is the unifier of us as the largest archipelagic country in the world.
  • Youth Expedition is also an effort to present social welfare in Indonesia by sending the best Indonesian youth to go directly to the people in need.
  • Together with other institutions and institutions supported by the private sector, these young people are presented in the service area to help accelerate the development of Indonesia's welfare

The facilities obtained by the selected participants are as follows:
  • Transport PP from the departure point
  • Transportation of PP crossing ships (Semarang / Jepara - Karimunjawa)
  • Lodging and consumption during activities
  • Local transportation
  • Uniforms and attributes
  • Program funding
  • Certificate
  • Licensing and security
  • Documentation of activities
  • For registrants who have paid the registration fee and donations will get an E-Certificate of Participant


All candidates participating in this activity must follow all requirements are as follows:
  • Indonesian youth aged 17-30 years.
  • Having interest in community service activities.
  • Leadership and responsibility.
  • Willing to pay the Registration Fee and donate as much as
    • First batch (15 dd 30 April 2019) = Rp. 50,000
    • Second wave (May 1 s, d June 10, 2019) = Rp. 75,000
    • Third wave (June 11, July 31, 2019) = Rp. 100,000
  • Follow policy rules and all registration flows

How to Apply:

  • Fill out the online registration form at
  • Follow Instagram @ iyale.jawatengah @kamujateng
  • Upload Twibon on Instagram with a caption (make it as interesting as possible). The @iyale Institute Instagram tag and your friends tag are 5 people, with the hashtag #kamujateng #indonesiapeduli #jatenggayeng. Twibon photos can be edited with the template provided at (we recommend editing using picsart Apk)
  • Share posters of Youth Expedition to at least 5 of your Line / Whatsapp Groups. The poster can be downloaded
  • Make a payment of fees before completing the registration form, as for the registration fee and a donation of:
    • Wave one (15 - 30 April 2019) = Rp. 50,000
    • Second wave (May 1 - June 10 2019) = Rp. 75,000
    • Third wave (June 11 - July 31, 2019) = Rp. 100,000

31 July 2019

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