Wednesday, June 26, 2019

World Nomads Travel Film Scholarship 2019 (Fully Funded to Malaysia)

Do you dream of becoming a professional travel filmmaker? Apply for the World Nomads Travel Film Scholarship 2019. This is your chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Malaysia and be personally mentored by award-winning filmmaker Jenny Nichols. You could be capturing staggering seascapes and incredible biodiversity while telling stories of the diverse local communities who call Malaysia home.

Becoming a good travel filmmaker requires more than capturing the highlights of a trip. For the past ten years, World Nomads has been providing up-and-coming filmmakers with invaluable mentorships with industry professionals. These experiences are custom tailored to deliver true in-field experience, and equip budding filmmakers with sound knowledge of camera, audio, capturing a narrative, interviewing, direction, and post-production.

Most importantly, the mentorships allow recipients to understand what is at the heart of good travel filmmaking. World Nomads do this by showing new perspectives, encouraging lateral thinking, and providing access to incredible stories around the world

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  • Receive round-trip airfare from your closest international airport to Malaysia
  • Improve your skills in the field and during post-production under the mentorship of professional filmmaker Jenny Nichols
  • Explore Malaysia and capture its stories on an all-expenses-paid adventure
  • Record superior sound for your film with new microphones courtesy of RĂ˜DE Microphones
  • Protect your gear with a specialised camera bag from Lowepro and accessories from Langly
  • As always, travel insurance for the trip provided by World Nomads.


  • If you’re still learning the craft of filmmaking and if creating films is responsible for less than 25% of your income, then you’re eligible to apply. This may mean you have had a few films commissioned in the past, or keep a regular video channel of your own – but it isn’t your full-time gig;
  • You may submit a film in your local language. However, if people in your film are speaking a language other than English your film must include English subtitles. Keep in mind that English skills are paramount as the scholarship mentor Jenny Nichols only speaks English;
  • Applicant must be eligible to obtain a Malaysian visa.

Judging Criteria

  • You’ll need to convince the judging panel through your application that you have the spirit of adventure and a passion for travel filmmaking. A good travel documentary should:
  • Convey a strong narrative in English (or with English subtitles)
  • Focus on a specific travel story within a 3 minute timeframe
  • Show your interviewing skills and ability to coax a good story from your subject
  • Demonstrate strong filmmaking skills
  • Show originality
  • Be visually engaging

How to Apply:

  • Make a 3-minute documentary: Interview an adventurer or inspiring traveler and bring their compelling travel story to life.
  • Upload your film to YouTube or Vimeo: Please make sure your video is publicly accessible
  • Complete the application form: Fill in your personal details here so they know how to contact you should you make the shortlist.

06 August 2019