Monday, July 1, 2019

2019 National Short Story Competition by Event Hunter Indonesia (Win Holiday Packages for 5 European Countries and 3 Asian Countries + Cash)

Short story is a literary work that is categorized as a narrative that seeks to narrate an event, so that the reader seems to see or experience the events that occur in the short story.
Short story which stands for short stories has a story with a length of less than 10,000 (ten thousand) words. With a limited number of words, short stories become a prose that is short, dense, and the elements of the story are centered on one main event.

Therefore, Event Hunter Indonesia invited Indonesian Citizens to contribute their short stories by holding the "Indonesia 2019 Event Hunter National Short Story Competition".
So that a problem that is portrayed in a short story is far more clear and far more impressive to the reader. By seeing this potential, we created a forum to accommodate the works of Indonesian youth.

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  • Champion
    • Vacation packages 5 European countries (Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands) by Dwidaya Tour
    • Include: Emirates Flight Tickets, Hotels, Transportation, City Tour, and Documentation (Trips for 10 Days) + Gold Medals.
  • Runner up
    • 3 Vacation Packages 3 Asian Countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) by StudBack
    • Include: Air Asia Flight Tickets, Hotels, Transportation, City Tour and Documentation (Trip for 6 days) + Silver Medals.
  • 3rd place
    • Cash IDR 1,000,000 + Bronze Medal
  • Champion 4-6
    • Cash IDR 500,000
    • Championship Medal
  • All champions 1-6
    • Hardcopy + Original Book Certificate "Are You Sure You Want to Study Abroad?" & Author's Exclusive Signature
  • Top 30 Finalists
    • Finalist Medal
    • Hardcopy certificate
    • Original Book "Are You Sure You Want to Study Abroad?" & Exclusive Author's Signature
  • Big 100 Finalists
    • Totebag Exclusive
    • Hardcopy certificate
    • National E-Certificate
    • EHI Magazine Exclusive August 2019
    • Exclusive E-Book "Writing Can Make a Lot of Money? Can be so! ”
    • Exclusive video "It feels like college at the 6th best education campus in the world"

  • Indonesian citizen
  • There are no educational restrictions.
  • There is no age limit.
  • Participants are individuals.
  • Participants must understand and agree on all competition terms and conditions.
  • Participants carry out the stages according to the timeline stated in the guide. 

Term and Condition:
  • Manuscripts are original and have never won in any race.
  • Manuscripts that are included are not adaptations, translations, plagiarism or are purely plagiarized, either in part or in whole from other people's texts.
  • The manuscript is disqualified if it violates the Second point, and the participant does not get any facilities.
  • Manuscripts using Indonesian are good and correct in accordance with the latest EYD (PUEBI).
  • Manuscripts do not contain SARA elements and do not cause provocation.
  • Event Hunter Indonesia can reproduce and publish (by still including the author's name) 

How to Apply:

Please visit HERE for applying

31 July 2019