Monday, July 1, 2019

Asian Youth Forum 7 in Manila, Philippines (Fully Funded)

There are two general workshops types in AYF7 that will take place on the afternoon of August 12: 
    • 1) Policy and research and 
    • 2) Project management. Each session will give selected organizations an opportunity to share their work and to build the capacity of young participants of AYF. Each session will be 1 hour and 30 minutes long.
CSOs are encouraged to work jointly with other CSOs and regional partners, to co-organize a session that showcases a variety of perspectives on the specified topic. If we receive multiple proposals on similar themes, we may ask submitting organizations to consider working together. CSOs are only allowed to submit one proposal each.

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ADB will cover the travel (on economy) and accommodation expenses of up to twospeakers for the event. The speakers should come from any of ADB members, preferably from developing member countries.

  • A youth-led or youth-focused organization based in an ADB member country with a dedicated youth program or unit. Sessions can be organized solely by one CSO or jointly with other youth organizations.
    • Developing members:
      Afghanistan; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Bangladesh; Bhutan; Brunei Darussalam; Cambodia; Cook Islands; People’s Republic of China; Georgia; India; Indonesia; Fiji; Hong Kong, China; Kazakhstan; Kiribati; Republic of Korea; Kyrgyz Republic; Lao People’s Democratic Republic; Malaysia; Maldives; Marshall Islands; Federated States of Micronesia; Mongolia; Myanmar; Nauru; Nepal; Pakistan; Palau; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Samoa; Singapore; Solomon Islands; Sri Lanka; Taipei,China; Tajikistan; Thailand; Timor-Leste; Tonga; Turkmenistan; Tuvalu; Uzbekistan; Vanuatu; Viet Nam.
    • Nonregional members:
      Austria; Belgium; Canada; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Luxembourg; The Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States

How to Apply:
Submission guidelines. Interested CSOs should submit a PDF version of their proposal using the template provided, and no longer than three pages, attachments not included. It should include a list of tentative speakers for the session. Send the proposal to  on or before 7 July 2019 GMT+8, using the title, “Asian Youth Forum Workshop Proposal”. 

Proposals will be assessed according to the following merits:
  • Relevance of workshop’s learning objectives to AYFthemeand specific workshop objectives, specifically:
    • Enhance the knowledge and skills of participants toimplement and design youth-led project and policy based initiatives that contribute to sustainable development;
    • Be aware of opportunities to participatein sustainable development initiatives in Asia and the Pacific.
  • Quality and expertise of speakers (with due consideration to diversity);
  • Demonstrated capacity to deliver a high-quality session (organization’s indicative budget for this event, confirmation status of speakers, among others); andd)Innovative theme, session format, and clarity of the topic title

07 July 2019

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