Friday, July 5, 2019

4th ASEAN Youth Initiative Conference 2019 in Bandung, Indonesia (Funded)

ASEAN Youth Initiative Conference (AYIC) is an international youth academic forum held by Padjadjaran University students concerning on tackling ASEAN’s problems based on one of The United Nations Program: Sustainable Development Goals, which it’s output will be on the form of paper or action plan that will be given as an aspiration for the governmental policy.
The AYIC is different from a conference in general. The AYIC has a downstream process of determining government policies where each delegate at this event will discuss about world issues that have a direct impact on ASEAN strategic sectors and have an impact towards the sustainability of life in the world.

For top 15 Abstract, there is no registration fee include.

  • The age criteria for AYIC 2019 is 16-25 years
  • The early bird registration is aimed to reserve a spot for the delegate.
  • The delegates will be required to do the registration payment if his/her abstract gets accepted.
  • Scholarship is available for eight delegates.
  • The committee will accept no more than 60 delegates for this phase of registration.

How to Apply:
Registration Flow (Applicants)
  • The applicant will register via website and they will be asked for their complete data, including abstract.
    *) The form will require the applicant to upload the payment proof (on whose behalf, and to which account) in order to submit the abstract.
  • On the form, there will be options whether the applicant prefer to have accommodation or non-accommodation.
  • The abstract will be assessed by the Conference Management
  • The applicant who passes will receive an Acceptance Letter. The applicant who fails will receive a Rejection Letter.
  • The accepted delegates will continue to make a payment as a delegate.
  • After making a payment, the delegates have to send the payment proof.
  • After the payment proof that has been confirmed, the delegates will receive an invoice from the committee.
Any kind of payment will be transferred to 0573995627 (Bank BNI) on behalf of ASEAN YOUTH INITIATIVE CONFERENCE

You can access registration form by clicking link below. 
19 July 2019