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Erasmus Travelers Experience Competition 2019

Are you a blogger, Erasmus Travelers or a traveler? Or maybe you simply want to share your travel experience with others? If yes, Erasmus would like to invite you to participate in their Erasmus Travelers Competition. Any willing participant can enter! Help Erasmus students and other travelers by sharing information about the cities and places you love! In accordance with Spanish regulations governing Personal Income Tax (IRPF), the prizes awarded for the participation in the competition are subject to a tax deduction or payment on account. Further, It is for Cokidoo to make the payment on account or withhold the appropriate deduction, whereas the prize winner is responsible, when appropriate, for including the earnings in his/her income tax declaration.

Moreover, Cokidoo accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from accepting a prize in terms of the winner’s taxation as these shall be the prize winner’s sole responsibility.



  • You can only enter if you are a native speaker of the following languages: Español, English, Français, Italiano, Português, Polski, Türkçe, Deutsch, Nederlands. Native here refers to, your ability to speak the language, not whether you are actually from the aforementioned countries. Further, for example, you are from Poland and speak English just as good as anyone from England itself, then you can write in English.
  • Also, You cannot publish the same content in different languages. There is already a team that will translate the best content.
  • Use subheadings, headings, words in bold, lists to organize your content. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Remember to follow the style guidelines.
  • Your writing should be completely original. Further, It cannot appear on any other website, this includes your personal blogs. They review all the content published to ensure it has not been copied from another source.
  • Also, You can only write about places you have personally been to. Do not just go to Wikipedia, read about a place, modify the text and use it as your own. Describe the places in your own words, giving your own opinion and writing about your personal experiences there.
  • You must use only your own photos or free copyright photos from others (from websites like Pixabay, Free images, Unsplash, etc.)
  • Make sure that the e-mail address that you use on Erasmusu is the one that you check on a daily basis.

How do Apply:

It’s easy! Just write on about any of the following topics (even better - about all of them!):
  • Places of interest
  • Erasmus experiences
  • Traditions and customs
  • Your hometown
  • Hidden places
  • Traditional recipes
You can contribute by sharing the following type of content:

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