Sunday, July 7, 2019

[Ongoing Bachelor Degree] Tangguh Scholarship by Bakrie Amanah (For Indonesian), Indonesia

Tangguh Scholarship is a scholarship for S1 students held by Bakrie Amanah. If you are an undergraduate S1 student or a student who is studying and is in semesters 3 and 6, you can register for this scholarship.

  • Semester 3 - 6 Not Moderate Leave
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Single
  • Come from a Pre-Prosperous Family Student from the Jakarta, West Java & Banten region campus
Document Required:
  • Fill in the Form (Download Form at
  • 4x6 photos
  • Scan KTM, KHS, KK, KTP
  • Scan of inadequate Certificate
  • Scan Certificate of Achievement
  • Scan Active Letters in Institutions or Organizations
  • Writing an essay themed "Indonesian Youth and Social Care Essays Minimum 350 Words (Font Writing: Trebuchet MS. Spaces: 1.5, Paper: A4)
  • Send via e-mail with the subject "strong batch 1 scholarship"
  • NB: BATCH 1 specifically for JAKARTA, JAWA BARAT & BANTEN
25 July 2019