Saturday, October 5, 2019

2020 Year of ASEAN Identity Logo Design Competition for Youths

The year 2020 has been designated as the Year of ASEAN Identity to further develop and foster a sense of belonging and shared identity among the peoples of ASEAN.

The ASEAN Secretariat, with the support of the ASEAN-German Cooperation implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, is initiating the 2020 Year of ASEAN Identity Logo Design Competition for ASEAN Youths to stimulate young people’s creativity in interpreting ASEAN identity. The logo will be featured in various materials and high profile events throughout 2020 to celebrate ASEAN Identity.

The competition will award the following prizes:
  • 1st Place Winner
    • Cash prize of €2,000
    • 2 nights’ hotel stay in Jakarta
    • Return flight from an ASEAN Member State to Jakarta for the launch and awarding ceremony
  • 1st Runner Up: Cash prize of €1,000
  • 2nd Runner Up: Cash prize of €500
Open to all passport holders of ASEAN Member States aged 18 to 35 years by December 31, 2019.
Staff or officers of the ASEAN Secretariat or their immediate family members are not eligible to join.
Contestants are limited only to individuals (i.e. no groups and companies).

Image Parameters

  • Entries must be submitted as JPEG files and must be attached to the email with the corresponding Entry Form.
  • For quality reproduction purposes, the winning entry must later be submitted in scalable vector graphic format (EPS).
  • Color must be CMYK and RGB, though the logo may also be produced in black and white. Contestants are advised to avoid gradients and half-tones.
  • It should be visually appealing on both small (as small as 2 cm x 2 cm) and large scales.

Selection Criteria:

  • Entries will be judged on the merits of:
  • Originality: Does the design reflect distinctiveness and creativity? Is the design visually appealing and commanding attention?
  • Relevance: Does the design inspire and contribute to a sense of building ASEAN Identity? Does the design tell a compelling story about ASEAN Community Building through promotion of the ASEAN Identity?
  • Adaptability: Can the design be reproduced in different formats and accommodate various applications?
  • Aesthetics: Is the design well put together to demonstrate balanced visual and colour coordination?

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for Applying 

22 November 2019

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