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[Master Degree] Tokyo Institute of Technology – Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Students Research Student Program 2020, Japan

Tokyo Tech-recommended recipients of the Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology - MEXT) Scholarship will enroll in Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) as Research Students (non-degree) in September 2020.

Scholarship recipients who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement and who have passed the entrance examination for April 2022 or earlier may be eligible to enroll in Tokyo Tech's master's or doctoral programs and to extend the duration of the MEXT Scholarship under certain conditions.

Please note that applicants for the International Graduate Program (A) starting from September 2020 are not eligible to apply for this program.

The Research Student Program is a non-degree program, while the International Graduate Program (A) is a degree program for master's and doctoral students.

The qualifications stated below are based on the guidelines provided by MEXT for the previous round of recruitment. The new guidelines for the MEXT Scholarship commencing in September 2020 will be published in December 2019. Should there be any changes to the application requirements, announcement will be made through each applicant's prospective academic supervisor at Tokyo Tech.


  • Stipend
    • Scholarship recipients will be provided a monthly stipend of 146,000 JPY (Research Student). This stipend is subject to change as specified by the regulations of the MEXT Scholarship program.
  • Travel Costs
    • (1) Transportation to Japan
    • (2) Transportation from Japan
  • School Fees
    • Fees for matriculation, tuition and entrance examinations will be waived by Tokyo Tech

  • 1. Eligibility
    • Eligibility is limited to applicants who are not residing in Japan and who will be able to arrive in Japan prior to the enrollment period as a graduate-level student. In addition, applicants must have demonstrated excellent academic achievement with a grade point average of 2.30 (out of 3.00) or above in the last two academic years and meet certain criteria.
    • Finally, each applicant must have obtained either of the following items:
      • An official recommendation from a university with which Tokyo Tech has a formal agreement
      • An official recommendation from the president or representative (e.g. director or dean) of a university with which Tokyo Tech has established bilateral activities
  • 2. Nationality
    • Applicants must have the nationality of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan.
  • 3. Age
    • In principle, applicants must have been born on or after April 2, 1985.
  • 4. Academic Background
    • Applicants must have academic ability equal or superior to that of a Japanese university graduate. The applicant will be deemed to have academic ability equal or superior to that of a Japanese university graduate, if they: 
      • have successfully completed 16 years of education outside Japan
      • have graduated from a university or college in Japan
      • have successfully completed 3 years or more of education at a university or college outside Japan and obtained a degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree
      • have successfully completed 15 years of education and obtained a degree equivalent to a bachelor's degree outside Japan, and are individually assessed and recognized by the relevant School at Tokyo Tech as having an outstanding academic record
      • are from a country which does not require 16 years of education prior to completing an undergraduate-level education but satisfy both of the conditions noted below, and is individually assessed and recognized by the relevant School at Tokyo Tech as having academic ability equivalent to or higher than that of graduates of a Japanese university
        • (a)Persons who have spent at least one year as a research student or research fellow at a university or research institution in or outside Japan after successfully obtaining a bachelor's degree
        • (b)Persons who are at least 22 years old by the day before the admission date
Note: Eligible applicants include those who otherwise satisfy or will satisfy qualification requirements for admission to a Japanese graduate school.
  • 5. Field of Study
    • Applicants should apply for the field they studied at the previous university or its related field.
  • 6. English or Japanese Proficiency
    • Applicants must be proficient in the English or Japanese language and meet one of the following conditions: 
      • (1)Have obtained an English language proficiency test score that is equivalent to CEFR level B2 or higher or have passed N2 or N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) on or after November 29, 2017
      • (2)Have been awarded or expect to be awarded by the time of Tokyo Tech enrollment an undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution where all instruction was in English or Japanese
      • (3)Possess a level of proficiency in either English or Japanese equivalent to that stated in (1) and be able to provide supporting evidence
  • 7. Health
    • Applicants must be physically and mentally able to pursue studies at Tokyo Tech.
  • 8. Arrival in Japan
    • Applicants must be able to leave for and arrive in Japan within two weeks before the date of the beginning of the third quarter in September 2020.
  • 9. Visa Requirement
    • Before arriving in Japan, those selected to receive the MEXT Scholarship must acquire Student visas. Please also note that those who change their visa status to a status other than Student after arrival in Japan will lose their status as Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship recipients as of the date their visa status changes.
Note: It is not guaranteed that those who change their visa status from Permanent Resident or Long-term Resident to Student will be able to revert to their former status after finishing their period as MEXT Scholarship Students. 
How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for more information how to apply 
28 November 2019