Saturday, December 14, 2019

The International Summer School (ISS) Scholarship at University of Oslo 2020, Norway

ISS offers a number of scholarships and grants. This is part of the University of Oslo’s goal to demonstrate academic solidarity and ensure that our summer school represents global diversity. Read our full scholarship policy.

Since our funds are limited, competition for ISS scholarships is very tough. The ISS only offers scholarships for applicants to the International Summer School, not applicants to all year programmes at the University of Oslo. 

Scholarship criteria
To be a successful ISS scholarship recipient, you must demonstrate:
  • That you meet the academic requirements
  • A strong academic record
  • The relevance of your academic and/or professional background to the course you apply for in your statement of purpose (see course descriptions for more information)
Who cannot, on a general basis, apply for scholarships:
  • Applicants to ISSN0110 Intensive Elementary Norwegian, Level I
  • Former recipients of an ISS scholarship
  • Persons who have a residence permit in Norway or another Nordic country who are not currently programme students at UiO
Read the full terms and conditions for the scholarship.

ISS Scholarship covers:
  • It is possible to apply for either an Off-Campus and On-Campus scholarship, depending on where you come from and which category you apply to.
  • An Off-Campus scholarship covers all basic fees which include extracurricular activities, health insurance, one weekend excursion outside Oslo, public transportation (public transportation card within Oslo not applicable to UiO program students), card within Oslo and reading materials.
  • An On-Campus scholarship covers all the basic fees mentioned above. In addition, it includes simple accommodation in a double room at Blindern Dormitory and board according to the dormitory meal plans.
  • Travel grant
    • The travel grant covers plane tickets to/from Oslo from the international airport nearest to your place of residence.
    • It does not cover travel to/from airport or visa fees.
    • The ISS Office books all plane tickets for scholarship recipients who receive travel grants.
    • The ISS does not reimburse recipients if they obtain and pay for their own plane tickets to/from Oslo. 
Please visit HERE for academic requirement

01 February 2020