Monday, January 13, 2020

ASEAN Youth Peace Campaign Lab (Indonesia Leg), Indonesia (Free Acommodation)

ASEAN Peace Project and the US Embassy proudly bring to you ASEAN Youth Peace Campaign Lab which will be hosted by ASEAN Abundance Innovation Lab in 3 locations: Jakarta, Indonesia (February 27-29, 2020), Davao City, Philippines (February 7-9, 2020), and Chiang Mai, Thailand (March 20-22,2020).

The lab aims to:
  • Incubate 30 campaigns (10 teams each location) that can potentially prevent and counter violent extremism in ASEAN in a 3-day experiential workshop.
  • Launch 12 winning campaigns from a group of 30 by April 2020.
  • Build a network of ASEAN change makers that are digital ready and future oriented.
  • Empower the participants through different sets of mentoring and leadership sessions.
  • Launch ASEANetizens to build potential for the 21st century-ready netizens brought to you by Yabong incubated by ASEAN Abundance Innovation Lab

APPLICATIONS Open for the Indonesian Leg
Venue: Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Accommodations, program fees, and meals associated with the program will be covered by the organisers. A maximum of IDR 520,000 transportation reimbursement per member will be available for outside of Jakarta residents, subject to documents and the discretion of the organizers.

Participants must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for the program:
  • Must be a team of 3 members ages 18-25.
  • Must have a compelling campaign idea whether traditional or digital to counter and prevent violent extremism in ASEAN/Mindanao.
  • Must be registered as a YSEALI member on the YSEALI Website at
  • Must be an Indonesian citizen based in Indonesia and can speak advanced English as all sessions will be done through this medium.
  • Available to participate in the full length of the program on February 27-29, 2020 and will be able to implement their campaign before 15th March, 2020.

How to Apply:

Please visit HERE for Apply


Please submit your applications by January 31, 2020. Chiang Mai leg for Thais will open soon thereafter.

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