Sunday, March 22, 2020

[Bachelor Degree] Telkom University Scholarship by ID CloudHost 2020 for Indonesian (Fuly Funded)

Hello Candidates for the IDcloudHost 2020 Scholarship, as already informed that IDCloudHost opens up opportunities for friends who want to get the Telkom University IDCloudHost scholarship in 2020. This year we collaborated with Masuk Kampus to be able to attract friends who want to study at Telkom University, Bandung, West Java. This scholarship can be followed by 12th grade students who will graduate in 2020 or who have graduated a maximum of five years previous.

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  • Scholarship
    • Get a Full funding scholarship from IDCloudHost to help you reach your goals and achieve a bright future
  • Work experience
    • Scholarship winners will be given the opportunity to add experience by joining IDCloudHost
  • Bonus
    • Get various other Bonuses by joining the IDCloudHost Scholarship Program to achieve your goals with IDCloudHost. 

  • Is a high school / vocational / MA / equivalent class 12 student or who has passed a maximum of five previous year (open to graduates in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016,  and 2015).
  • Have a clear vision and strong motivation to reach your goals and contribute for changes in nation and state.
  • Have sufficient or better achievements in the academic and non-academic fields.
  • Having organizational experience.
  • Participants are not getting another scholarship.
  • The organizer's decision regarding the IDCloudHost Scholarship program is absolute and not can be contested.
  • Scholarship participants who are selected consistently provide minimal achievements GPA> 3.5 each semester.
  • Scholarship participants will get a bonus / reward if they are able to contribute through academic or non-academic achievements.
How to Apply:
The following is the procedure for registration and payment for the registration fees for IDCloudHost 2020 Scholarship registration:
  • First, You MUST Make Registration on the Scholarship Website and Joining FB Groups and Follow Intagram IDCloudHost and Masuk Kampus.
  • Please go to page, in the section "Pendaftaran Beasiswa" click Button Formulir Pendaftaran Beasiswa
  • Then, on the next page, please fill in the Form in the section given the red highlight TRUE and COMPLETE. If everything is filled in, click the Continue button
  •  On the next page you will be asked to create an account at IDCloudHost, please enter the data and information correctly and your IDcloudhost account password / password.
  • Make sure you check the "I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERM OF SERVICE" checkbox. If you have clicked the Complete Order button 
  • Congratulations Your registration has been successfully carried out, you will get information related to the Test Online via Email and Mobile Phone Number on H-2 weeks before the Online Test is conducted.
    You will also get your registration information notification via an email that was registered previously.

30 April 2020