Thursday, June 25, 2020

Ministry of Industry Indonesia Scholarship 2020 For Indonesia Student, Indonesia (Full Scholarship)

The Surakarta Academy of Textile and Textile Product Industry Community (AK-TEKSTIL SOLO) is currently opening a Diploma II Work Association Scholarship for high school / vocational / equivalent graduates throughout Indonesia. Scholarships are provided in the form of free lectures and work ties.
AK-TEKSTIL SOLO is a vocational tertiary education in the field of Textile and Garment Technology. The campus is a tertiary institution under the Ministry of Industry that aims to meet the needs of competent textile and garment experts for the industrial world in need, especially the textile and garment industry in the Solo and surrounding areas.
  • Is a high school / vocational / equivalent graduate from all majors. The maximum age of general participants is 25 years and from industry a maximum of 30 years at registration
  • Participants who pass the test are willing to attend education in accordance with the provisions in force for 2 years and are willing to return all the education costs incurred by the Ministry of Industry if they resign before completing education
  • After completing education, participants from the public are willing to work in a textile or garment company at least 3

How to Apply:

  • Fill out the online form on the website
  • Fill out the registration form (download here)
  • Photocopy of diploma / report card grade 12 / SKL (Certificate of Graduation)
  • Pas photo 4 × 6 with red background (2 sheets)
  • Photocopy of family card
  • Certificate of health:
    • Not color blind
    • Not tattooed
    • Healthy body
    • No piercing for men
In this Covid-19 Pandemic, if you do not have time to make a health letter to the hospital / health center, you can use a replacement letter in the format contained in the following LINK Certificate of Health, No Blindness, Tattooing and Piercing -> the file is printed / handwritten, filled in the data and stamped, then scanned / photographed clearly.

20 July 2020

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