Thursday, April 2, 2020

[Bachelor Degree] GREAT Scholarships 2020 from British Council for Indonesian Students, UK

In order to support more Indonesian students to study in the UK, the British Council, together with 12 UK universities, has launched the GREAT Scholarships 2020 – Indonesia campaign. With 12 postgraduate scholarships on offer, the total value of Indonesia’s scholarship scheme is £130,000. The single value of each scholarship is a minimum of £10,000. This scholarship scheme will offer an exciting opportunity for Indonesian students wishing to get financial support to pursue postgraduate level study in the UK. Students can apply for courses in a range of subjects including law, business, art and design, biosciences, IT and more, at the 12 participating institutions across the UK. 

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With more than 15 undergraduate scholarships on offer, the total value of the scholarship scheme is nearly £160,000.

Requirement/ List University:
Announcement of acceptance of scholarships is also carried out by the university. Links to each university can be clicked on the university list bellow.

Requirement and How To Apply:
  • Step 1: Check your eligibility
    • Are you an Indonesian passport holder?
    • Do you plan to pursue a master’s degree in the UK?
    • Does the course you have applied for, or are applying for, start in the autumn of 2020?
  • Step 2: Browse the universities/scholarships listed and visit the university’s website for more information
  • Step 3: Apply for individual scholarships following the instructions given on the scholarship web pages of the individual universities
  • Step 4: Successful applicants will be informed by the individual universities directly
  • Step 5: Funding for the scholarships will be issued to successful applicants by the individual universities after registration

    Varies by University
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