Sunday, June 14, 2020

EAN Autumn School 2020 in Loutraki, Greece (Funded)

Since 2018, EAN gives 60 neurologists in training (RRFS members) the chance to increase their knowledge of clinical neurology. The basic idea is to illustrate and showcase how experienced neurologists and sub-specialists approach specific clinical presentations, including an update on relevant diagnostic and treatment approaches for key conditions in the relevant areas.
The course is structured in plenary sessions for all participants in the morning and hands-on/interactive or case-based sessions in the afternoons (20 participants per course, rotating); including patient input where possible.   
Potentially suitable patients willing to attend for afternoon sessions will be identified from the host country with the assistance of local neurologists/the national neurological society. For local patients, language is not expected to be a barrier as the local neurologist will be able to translate where needed.
  • Accommodation, tuition, board and programme is covered by EAN.
  • Participants pay for their travel only.

  • RRFS members from EAN member countries with more than 2 years of clinical training
  • RRFS members from Corresponding Institutional Member Countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Mauretania, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Tunisia, Syria) and HINARI Group A countries are welcome to apply
  • Full members within 5 years after completion of neurology training 
  • Application for a travel grant is possible for members of low and lower-middle income countries. A short letter of intent, why the person wants to participate including why the travel grant is needed.
  • Previoues awardees cannot apply again

Require Documents:
  • EAN application form
  • EAN CV form
  • proof of 2 years of clinical experience (from supervisor or head of department)
  • copy of passport

How to Apply:
  • All application documents must be submitted by email to Ms Magda Dohnalova:
  • Applicants are advised to keep a record of sending and request a read receipt. Original documents and/or
  • fresh copies may be requested where felt necessary. So must be retained by the applicant until notified of the outcome of their application.


31 July 2020


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