Friday, April 3, 2020

[Ongoing Bachelor Student] YBM BRI Smart Scholarship 2020, Indonesia

YBM BRI SMART SCHOLARSHIP is a scholarship given to undergraduate students from PTN Mitra YBM BRI with assistance in the form of a one-year performance allowance.

In addition, Awardee is also provided with regular, planned and targeted coaching in order to produce superior, characterized, competent, and competitive human resources.

This scholarship awardee had the opportunity to take part in the BRI Bright Scholarship YBM selection with applicable regulations.

  • allowance of IDR 500,000 / month for 1 year
  • Improved soft skills
  • Network
  • Experience of Community Empowerment
  • Muslim /ah
  • Indonesian citizens
  • Active students in semester 2 (two) of partner Campuses
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.00 (specifically for ITB, a minimum GPA of 2.80 is required)
  • Not currently receiving scholarships from other institutions
  • Open to Bidik Misi recipients (adjusting Campus internal policies)
Required Document:

  • Scan / Screenshot of an Active Student Certificate from Campus or semester 2 of the Study Plan Card transcript
  • Scan / screenshot of 1st semester transcript (one)
  • Scan / screenshot of UKT payment slip
  • Scan / Photo certificates or other awards

How to Apply:
File registration & email sending links differ from one campus to another. Make sure you don't fill out the wrong file or send the wrong file. (Deadline for Registration and Submission of 26 April 2020)

Info regarding registration link, file sending email, and contact person check HERE

26 April 2020


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