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[Bachelor, Master, Ph.D Degree] Guangxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students at Guilin University 2020, Guangxi (Fully Funded)

Guilin University of Electronic Technology is located in Guilin where is a famous scenic, historical and cultural city. It is a University jointly established by the National Ministry of Industry and information Technology , the National Defense Administration of Science, Technology and Industry and Guangxi government, a University selected in the national "Basic capacity constructing project for universities in the central and western regions" and a key construction university in Guangxi.
The scholarship duration specified in the Admission Letter, covering major study and Chinese language study, cannot be extended in general.
The scholarship bachelor students who are required to take Chinese Language studies, are expected to pass HSK 4 test by the end of Chinese Language study period, and HSK 5 for master and Phd students. The students who failed to pass the HSK test after one year language training can continue their program for one testing year. For those who still could not fulfill the language proficiency requirement by the end of the testing year, will be sent back to their home country as a non-degree language student.

Enrollment Information:

  • Category: Bachelor Program,Master Program,Doctoral Program
  • Countries of applicants: ASEAN Countries
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese
  • Duration: 3-4 years. For applying Chinese taught, applicants should submit the HSK4 certificate and pass the Chinese language test when come to university, otherwise it is increased by one more year for Chinese language learning. 

About the Majors

  • Free for tuition
  • Free on-campus dormitory accommodation
  • living allowance: 12,000RMB/Per year of Bachelor, 18,000RMB/Per Year of Master&Doctor for 12 months.
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance (800 yuan) for International Students in China


  • Non-Chinese nationality and be in good health;
  • Degrees and age requirements:
  • * Be a bachelor’s applicant under the age of 35 when applying for master’s programs;
  • * Be a master’s or PHD degree applicant under the age of 40 when applying for doctoral programs.
  • Non-other scholarship recipients.

Required Document:

  • Application Form for ASEAN Government Scholarship which can be downloaded HERE
  • Photocopy of the latest degree certificate and Transcripts (Notarized Copy), graduating in this year shall provide the proof of graduation (either in English or Chinese), and sign a contract with university to promise that applicants will resubmit the graduation certificate and transcripts in two month after arrive in university, otherwise, applicant’s scholarship will be canceled automatically. .
  • A Study Plan or Research Proposal (either in English or Chinese, minimum of 800 words).
  • Master or Phd applicants must provide two Recommendation letters from professors (either in English or Chinese).
  •  Doctor is required to offer the relative published academic papers
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Form. This form is uniformly printed by the Health and Quarantine Department of China. It is limited to those who have been studying in China for more than six months and must be filled in in English. The applicant shall carry out the inspection in strict accordance with the items required in the form of Physical Examination of Foreigners. The "Physical Examination of Foreigners" which is missing or not affixed with photo or the seam of riding or the signature of a doctor or a hospital is invalid. In view of the validity of the examination results for 6 months, the applicant is requested to confirm the time for his physical examination accordingly.
  • Photocopy of Chinese proficiency test (HSK) transcripts (if you don’t have, shall apply for the Chinese learning for the first year)
  • Photocopy of Passport ID Page. (Passport validity shall not be less than 30th June, 2021)
  • Two Pictures
How to Apply:
Please send the hard copys of documents aforementioned to GUET international affairs office and soft copy to the official E-mail.

15 June 2020

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