Friday, August 14, 2020

[Online School] Digital Talent Scholarship - FGA and VSGA by KEMKOMINFO, Indonesia

1.  Vocational School Graduate Academy (VSGA)
The Vocational School Graduate Academy (VSGA) program is an intensive national competency-based training program aimed at graduates of Vocational Education (SMK, D3, D4) in the fields of ICT, Electrical, Telecommunications, Visual Communication Design, Animation, Multimedia who are not yet working. The VSGA program aims to produce technician level talent / human resources in the digital field.
 2. Fresh Graduate Academy (FDA)The Fresh Graduate Academy Digital Talent Scholarship (FGA DTS) program is a competency improvement training program in the ICT field that focuses on 7 (seven) training themes, namely CCNA Network Engineer, CCNA Cyberoperation Specialist, Cloud Computing, Core System Administration, Java Programming, Database Design and Programming with SQL, and Data Science. The training is held in partnership with 5 global tech companies, namely Amazon Web Service (AWS) Educate, Cisco Networking Academy, IBM Indonesia, Oracle Academy, and Red Hat Academy.
    • Indonesian citizens
    • Maximum age 29 years at the time of registration
    • (VSGA)SMK, D3 and D4 graduates majoring in ICT, Electrical, Telecommunication, Visual Communication Design, Animation, Multimedia, or related
    • (FGA) Graduates from D3, D4, or Strata-1 in the fields of ICT, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Engineering are proven by a diploma or SKL
    • Not yet found a permanent job / not working
    • Not currently studying
    • Passed administration and substance selection
    • Scan of KTP or KK
    • Scan of diploma front page back / certificate of graduation (in 1 file with PDF format)
    • Able to provide computers with certain specifications according to the requirements of each training theme (written in the syllabus)
    • Participants are not allowed to register in 2 different training themes / locations. If in the future participants are found registering in 2 themes / locations, the participants are ready to accept the sanctions determined by the committee.
    the decision of the committee cannot be contested

    How to Apply:
    To register for a Digital Talent Scholarship, you can register online at the following website link:
    Select the intended theme, then click Details. Then click on the list at the bottom right corner of the page. 

    27 August 2020 (VSGA)
    03 Septemeber 2020 (FGA)