Sunday, May 31, 2020

Digital Talent Scholarship - Online Academy Program (OA) Batch 2 by KEMKOMINFO, Indonesia

The Online Academy Program (OA) is a training scholarship and certification program aimed at 10,000 selected participants who wish to improve their skills in the IT field. The Online Academy program is a collaboration of the Ministry of Communication and Information with the Global Techology Company.

Training materials in the Online Academy are compiled by the Global Technology Company which aims to meet the needs of human resources in the field of IT and improve the competence of Indonesian human resources who have expertise in their respective professions to gain additional competencies and create more adaptive and human resources productive by optimizing technology, Online Academy also aims to improve the quality of human resources in the IT field in order to win global competition.

Online Academy participants will study independently online / online, participants manage their study time independently in accordance with the allotted time.
    • Indonesian citizens
    • Preferably for Professionals / Ever Worked / Not Attending Education
    • Open to ASN / POLRI / TNI
    • Scan KTP or Family Card
    • Passed Administration and Substance Selection
    • Approve the DTS 2020 Participant's Statement
    • Agree to DTS 2020 Terms and Conditions
    • Able to prepare a laptop or desktop / PC with certain specifications in accordance with the requirements in each training theme

      Online Academy Training List (OA)
      There are 8 training themes in the DTS 2020 Online Academy Batch 2 Program,
      • Associate Cloud Engineer (Google),
      • Digital Skills (Microsoft),
      • Android Developer (Decoding),
      • iOS Developer (Decoding),
      • Augmented Reality (Decoding),
      • Programming: HTML, CSS, Javascript (Progate),
      • Digital Entrepreneurship (Google) and
      • Digital Entrepreneurship (Facebook)

        How to Apply:
        To register for a Digital Talent Scholarship, you can register online at the following website link: Select the intended theme, then click Details. Then click on the list at the bottom right corner of the page. 

        Varies Each Program
        (04, 07, 13, 25 June 2020)

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