Sunday, June 14, 2020

[Call For Application] Online Youth Festival Organizing Committee by ASEAN Youth Forum

ASEAN Youth Forum has been bringing youth in Southeast Asia together to do something great in the region. Currently, AYF Secretariat is looking for 3 (three) self-driven and enthusiastic individuals that would coordinate closely with the AYF secretariat to organize the biggest, empowering, and impactful online youth festival in Southeast Asia this year for International Youth Day. 
The Festival is envisioned to be where Youth in Southeast Asia could :
  • 1. Meet and connect with each other 
  • 2. Learn more about each countries in Southeast Asia 
  • 3. Learn more about social issues in the region 
  • 4. Hone their advocacy skills, activism, and other important skills 
  • 5. Share their personal views regarding any relevant topics 
  • 6. Discuss how to move together as a community 
  • 7. Connect with important figures and institutions, such as decision makers, outstanding individuals and activists, regional caucuses and organizations 
  • 8. Enjoy being a part of a youth movement and euphoria in Southeast Asia

Position Profile 

  •  1. Chief Coordinator (one position) 
    Chief Coordinator will mainly responsible to lead, manage and deliver all of the operational aspects of the festival Skills you can improve if you take this opportunity: team leadership, team management, communication skills, problem-solving 
  • 2. Program Coordinator (one position) 
    Program Coordinator will mainly be responsible to support the festival by designing relevant and significant events and programs in the festival and put together the festival in a fun and empowering flow. Skills you can improve if you take this opportunity: event management, program designing, synergy and teamwork, communication skills, creativity 
  • 3. Partnership Coordinator (one position) 
    Partnership Coordinator will mainly be responsible to support the festival by promoting the festival and reaching, engaging and managing festival partners, for example media, organizations, and youth communities. Skills you can improve if you take this opportunity: interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, networking, synergy and teamwork, communication skills


  • Must be 18 - 30 years old (Core Youth or Adult Youth)
  • Must be a national of, and should be residing in Southeast Asia (10 ASEAN Countries and/or Timor Leste) 
  • Must believe in the values of human rights, justice, democracy, and freedom 
  • Have a reliable access to internet as the most coordination will be via online platform 
  • Possess a strong basic spoken and written English 
  • Must be committed to coordinate virtually with the festival organizing team, AYF Secretariat, and any stakeholders from July to August 2020
  • Possess relevant skills to support your job profile and submit the application documents before the deadline 
How to Apply:
We urge interested applicants to submit these documents as requirements via email to with subject: Youth Festival - Position (Name, Country) , e.g. Youth Festival - Program Coordinator ( Laras, Singapore)

  • Curriculum Vitae (max 1 page) in PDF
  • Motivation letter (choose between letter or video format) that summarize how being the Festival Coordinator would help you develop yourself and your ideas / imaginations about the festival (max 200 words).
  • The following question may help you:
    • How do you think this role would develop you as a person?
    • What skills do you wish to hone or improve during this experience?
    • What kind of festival do you have in mind? Is it more like a series of training? Or is it more like a series of discussions? Or a hang-out festival?

June 25, 2020 (11:59 PM, GMT+7, Jakarta/Bangkok Time)