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Aceh Carong Diploma Scholarship 2020, Indonesia (Full Scholarship)

In order to realize Aceh Carong, the Government of Aceh through the Aceh Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) and in collaboration with the District / City Governments in Aceh opened a special scholarship opportunity for poor families throughout Aceh Carong Diploma Scholarship for the poor., with the following conditions:
  • Politeknik Lhokseumawe
    • a. Teknologi Kontruksi Bangunan Gedung
    • b. Teknologi Kontruksi Jalan dan Jembatan
  • Politeknik Kesehatan Aceh
    • a. Keperawatan GigI
    • b. Keperawatan
    • c. Gizi
    • d. Farmasi 
  •  Politeknik Aceh
    • a. Akuntansi
    • b. Teknik Informatika
  • Politeknik Indonesia Venezuela (POLIVEN)
    • a. Perikanan
  • Politeknik Perkeretaapian Indonesia
    • a. Teknologi Mekanika Perkeretaapian
    • b. Teknologi Elektronika Perkeretaapian
    • c. Teknologi Bangunan dan Jalur Perkeretaapian
    • d. Manajemen Transportasi Perkeretaapian
  • Politeknik Energi dan Mineral AKAMIGAS
    • a. Teknik Produksi Minyak dan Gas
    • b. Teknik Pengolahan Minyak dan Gas
    • c. Teknik Instrumentasi Kilang
    • d. Teknik Mesin Kilang
    • e. Logistik Minyak dan Gas
  • Politeknik Manufaktur Bandung
    • a. Teknik Manufaktur
    • b. Teknik Perancangan Manufaktur
    • c. Teknik Pengecoran Logam
    • d. Teknik Otomasi Manufaktur dan Mekatronika
  • Politeknik Negeri Jember
    • a. Manajemen Agribisnis
    • b. Manajemen Agroindustri
    • c. Produksi Pertanian
  • Politeknik Negeri Banyuwangi
    • a. Ekonomi Kepariwisataan 

General Requirements :
  • Residents of Aceh and domiciled for at least 2 years in the Aceh region as evidenced by a National Identity Card (KTP) and / or Family Card (KK);
  • High school / vocational / MA graduates in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020;
  • Physically, mentally and drug-free health as evidenced by a Health Certificate from a government doctor (for those who choose engineering and health majors not color blind):
  • Letter of good conduct from the school;
  • Willing to follow all stages of the selection process;
  • Willing to sign a statement:
    • Not receiving scholarships from other sources;
    • Not involved in activities / actions that violate the law, or join organizations that are contrary to the ideology of Pancasila;
    • Never / will be involved in activities / actions that violate the code of academic ethics;
    • Able to meet the scholarship requirements set by the Government of Aceh;
    • Not suggesting to transfer of tertiary institutions and / or study programs; and
    • Deliver data and documents that are true to the original.
Special Requirements:
  • Attach a certificate of poverty issued by the Keuchik or other name and / or local Camat;
  • Attach a parent's certificate of employment issued by the keuchik or other name and / or salary slip; and
  • Attach proof of photo of the residence of the parent according to the address on the Resident Identity Card / Family Card.
Additional requirements for applicants aiming at the Politeknik Energi dan Mineral AKAMIGAS dan Politeknik Perkeretaapian Indonesia include:
    • Minimum height 160 cm (male), 155 (female)
    • High School / MA Report Card Score, Department of Science, Vocational School of Engineering for Math, Physics, Chemistry and English at least 65 

Where to Apply:
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How to Apply:

  • Registration is carried out directly in the regency / city where the domicile is in the institutions listed above.
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Complete documents can be directly submitted to the Agency Section listed above in accordance with the origin of the Regency / City of residence.
  • Registration documents must have been received by the Committee no later than June 23, 2020 at 17:00 WIB.
  • Files submitted after the deadline for receipt will not be processed and are considered ineligible.
  • Other matters for further information, you can visit the registration office directly at each institution listed above based on the place of residence.


  • Download Registration Form (HERE).
  • Download Statement letter (HERE).

23 June 2020


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