Monday, January 18, 2021

[Non Degree] BCA PPA/PPTI Scholarship for Indonesia 2021 (For Indonesia), Indonesia

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Program Pendidikan Akuntansi (PPA) NonDegree
BCA started developing Non-Degree PPA since 1996. This program is aimed at high school graduates or equivalent with good academic achievement, but has financial constraints, to continue higher education.

The Non-Degree PPA lasts for 30 months, with a fall-out system and a relatively strict passing standard. Non-Degree Non-Degree Participants learning activities, not only in the classroom, students are also required to attend the on-the-job training program at BCA. In addition, students also get soft skill supplies, such as leadership, teamwork, character creation, grooming, and financial planning.

Non-Degree PPAs are supported by qualified teaching staff comprising experienced professionals and professors. The faculty will explore the personality and competence of the learners and encourage them to optimize the best potential within them. Non-Degree PPA also facilitates the development of students' interest in sports and art.

During the education, participants are not charged. Students earn pocket money and facilities in the form of textbooks and health checks according to company policy. Participants are not bound by the official bond. However, participants are given the opportunity to apply for work at BCA after completing the program, according to company needs.

The number of non-degree PPA participants in 2017 reached 378. Of the total participants, 128 of them chose to join BCA employees.

Program Pendidikan Teknik Informatika (PPTI) Non Degree
BCA launched the Non Degree Informatics Education Program (PPTI) in 2013 to balance the need for human resource development and the development of informatics techniques in the banking industry. This non-degree education program is aimed at high school or equivalent graduates who have academic achievement but have financial constraints.

Non-Degree PPTI lasts for 30 months with a fall system and a relatively tight graduation standard. In addition to classroom activities, students have an opportunity to work interns at BCA Headquarters.

  • Free of tuition fees.
  • Monthly allowance .
  • Dormitory, Shuttle Bus, and lunch.
  • Textbooks and laptops (Just for PPTI) during the learning program.
  • Opportunities for internships and offers

  • Indonesian citizen;
  • Graduates of SMA / SMK or high school / SMK students;
  • Maximum age 19 years;
  • Average grades of grades I to III are at least 7.50;
  • Average Mathematics (IPA, IPS) or Productive Value (SMK only) at least 7.50 for PPA
  • And the average value of Mathematics (Senior High School and SMK Techniques related to information technology) or Productive Value (SMK Techniques related to information technology) at least 7.50 for PPTI
  • Never repeat in class from SD-SMA / SMK;
  • Never been involved in drugs and other legal offenses;
  • Graduated in the selection process. 

How to Apply:
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Online Test Batch VI: 21-24 Januari 2021 Please visit HERE for information about Timeline