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[Bachelor and Master Student] Osaka University – Student Exchange Program for Spring 2021, Japan (JASSO Scholarship)

Osaka University was founded in 1931 as the sixth imperial university of Japan through strong demand from the business and government sectors of Osaka, as well as the people of Osaka City and Prefecture. The roots of Osaka University can be found in Kaitokudo and Tekijuku of the Edo period. The academic culture and spirit of these two places of scholarship are inherited even today, and the spirit of innovation and a restless spirit of challenge serve as the cornerstone for our endeavors in education and research. Under the motto “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” Osaka University grapples with the challenges of education and research. And after a huge undertaking merging Osaka University with Osaka University of Foreign Studies in 2007, the university has shown that it will continue to develop as one of Japan’s leading comprehensive research universities.

We are pleased to announce that Osaka University is inviting applications for Osaka University Exchange Program for Spring 2021 to Partner Universities

  • The residency requirement at home university is at least one year for undergraduate students and six months for postgraduate students by the time of application. 
  • Prospective incoming students to Osaka must go through a selection process at the study-abroad/student mobility office and receive nomination from home university. We do not accept students’ self-nomination and independent application. Please note that we do not accept second-time exchange participants in principal if they are applying in the same degree level 
  • It is expected students with good academic performance are nominated e.g. 3.0 in GPA 4.0 scale; upper second class in undergraduate honours grading system; B in ECTS grading scale; or 80-85% in Chinese and Korean universities in the current degree program at home university.
  • Student must have Japanese or English proficiency required by the applying exchange program. All students, including iExPO program participants, must be able to read and understand simple English to apply for these programs.
  • Student must be a citizen, legal resident or visa holder in the country/region of home university. Student with Japanese citizenship can be considered if they are mainly educated outside of Japan.
  • Minimum conditions of physical, mental and social health to study abroad.

Program (iExPO, OUSSEP, FrontierLab, Maple)
  • iExPO
    iExPO students will be accepted in a school or graduate school of Osaka University to take courses in a specific major or do postgraduate research under the guidance of a faculty member. Special Auditor is for those who wish to take specialized courses in a degree program while postgraduate students who wish to do research under the guidance of a faculty member can choose Special Research Student option. Since the majority of degree courses are taught in Japanese, participants need to have a high level of general Japanese language proficiency.
  • FrontierLab
    FrontierLab is an academic internship in science and technology and very unique as a long-term exchange study program. Participants will become a student member of a research group in one of Osaka University's internationally renowned science and technology fields and do full-time research work under the academic supervision of a faculty member. With the advice of their supervisor, students may attend Japanese language classes or take courses relating to their own study fields. Special Auditor status enables student to earn credits through their research (and additional course work), while Special Research Student is non-credit based. It is recommended that students receive informal acceptance from a prospective supervisor, though this is not a requirement.
    Please note the following as this program is becoming popular;
    • Students may not be assigned to one of their prioritized lab due to the capacity/popularity of lab etc.
    • We may need to ask students to reconsider their research topic in case we couldn’t find an appropriate lab.
    • When we couldn’t find a supervisor after all, we may need to reject student’s application in the end.
    This program has been designed for undergraduate students in their 3rd or 4th year from overseas partner universities across the globe. Participants are offered Japanese language classes and lecture courses taught in English called “International Exchange Subjects” or CIEE courses. No postgraduate courses are offered within this program, while Master’s students could be accepted if both home university and student agree that he/she will enroll in undergraduate “International Exchange Subjects” courses.
  • Maple (Available only in Sep. intake)
    Maple program is offered by CJLC office. Please contact Center for Japanese Language and Culture for further information.

Phone: +81 72 730 5072
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 08:30-17:15

How to Apply:
  • Submit the aforementioned documents to Office of International Affairs/ the exchange coordinator of your home university for internal review.
  • OIA staffs will evaluate your application.
  • Once you are selected as Nominated Student, you may proceed to the online application through website.
  • FINAL decision from Osaka University.
Before you apply, please read carefully the application guide and the fact sheet bellow.
OsakaU Exchange Factsheet 2021
Application Guide for Students – 2021 Spring
Japanese Language Proficiency Verification Form

Scholarship Osaka University offers a certain number of scholarship positions (JASSO / OU) to our incoming exchange students. The number of award greatly varies by year and admission cycle depending on the available fund. There are no scholarships exchange students can apply for after they arrive in Japan. As the number of scholarship award is decreasing every year and only for limited number of students, you should make an appropriate financial plan without scholarship. For April intake, the scholarship notification tends to be as late as early to mid-February.

Home University: 30 September 2020 (Varies Each Universities)
Student’ Online Application: 23 October 2020

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