Tuesday, August 4, 2020

[Ongoing Bachelor Degee] CSR Jaya Development Scholarship 2020 , Indonesa

Marga Pembangunan Jaya Foundation provides CSR Pembangunan Jaya Scholarships. This scholarship can be applied by students from 15 universities that are partners of the Marga Pembangunan Jaya Foundation in 2020 as well as students from other PTN / PTS that are accredited at least B.

Scholarships are given to students currently in semester 5 and 7. With a nominal scholarship of Rp 6 million / year. Scholarships can be extended if they meet the criteria for achievement or according to the recommendation of the relevant tertiary institution. In total there are around 200 scholarship seats available. Around 50 scholarships are intended for KTP students domiciled in DKI / Bintaro, and 150 scholarships for students who live in other area

Partner University:
  • 1. University of Indonesia
  • 2. Bandung Institute of Technology
  • 3. Padjadjaran University
  • 4. Airlangga University
  • 5. Gadjah Mada University
  • 6. Bogor Agricultural University
  • 7. November 10 Institute of Technology
  • 8. Diponegoro University
  • 9. University of Eleven March
  • 10. Brawijaya University
  • 11. Parahyangan University
  • 12. Tarumanagara University
  • 13. Ciputra University
  • 14. Atmajaya University
  • 15. Pembangunan Jaya University

  • Still active as college student (not on college leave).
  • Scholarships are given to students currently in semester 5 and 7
  • Not currently receiving scholarships from other sources (may not be duplicate).
  • Minimum GPA of 3.30 is evidenced by the Transcript Value from the Partner University
  • KTP and KTM.

  • Scholarship Allocation:
    • +/- 50 KTP Students Domicile DKI / Bintaro.
    • +/- 150 other Domicile KTP students.
  • Scholarships are given to students for Semesters 5 and 7.
  • Scholarship amount Rp. 6 million / year

How to Apply:
  • Students apply for a scholarship in accordance with the procedures applicable at each Higher Education.
  • After completing the requirements requested by the Foundation, the university will send the candidate files to the Marga Pembangunan Jaya Foundation at:
YMPJ Secretariat:
Jl. Cendrawasih, kel Sawah Baru, Kec Ciputat, Tangerang 15224.
Tel: 021-29045405 / 7450521
Fax: 021-29045421 / 7450531
Email :asiswa@pangunanjaya.com.
  • The determination of the recipient of the scholarship program is determined by the Marga Pembangunan Jaya Foundation and cannot be contested.
  • Determination of scholarship recipients who have been carried out by Marga Pembangunan Jaya Foundation will then be announced by the College to students.
  • Marga Pembangunan Jaya Foundation will provide scholarships directly to each student.


14 August 2020

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