Monday, August 3, 2020

[Ongoing Bachelor Degree] CIMB Niaga Scholarship 2020, Indonesia

Since 2006, CIMB Niaga has committed to improve the development of education in Indonesia, especially at the tertiary level through the Scholarship program.

The CIMB Niaga Scholarship Program supports the dream of the next generation to receive adequate education. Especially in the condition of the Covid-19 Pandemic which brought many impacts of change to social life, without exception in the economic and educational sectors. Both of these should be needs that are struggled for because of the difficult economic conditions should not quell the enthusiasm and dreams of the younger generation to continue their studies.

Therefore, the CIMB Niaga Scholarship program resumed in 2020 to encourage students to continue to excel even in difficult times. It is hoped that the CIMB Niaga Scholarship program will be able to improve education in Indonesia in a sustainable manner and prepare the next generation of qualified nation.

The scholarship program is OPEN TO ALL STUDY PROGRAM.
  • Tuition and / or operational education for 4 semesters
  • The cost of personal development or educational support facilities at least 1x in 1 year
  • The cost of preparing a final project
  • This program is open to active Indonesian Undergraduate students who are currently studying in semester 5, without any exclusivity.
  • Participants have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.25 (semester 1-4).
  • The maximum age at registration is 22 years
  • Participants have academic and non-academic achievements that are proven and / or supported with award certificate documents.
  • Participants participate in student organizations activities that are proven and / or supported by a certificate of participation.
  • Participants are not currently receiving other scholarships from the Government, private companies, Government-owned companies, SOEs, or other agencies stated in an official statement signed by students and students.

How to Apply:
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20 August 2020

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