Saturday, September 26, 2020

ASEAN-Korea Debate Championship (AKDC) 2020 in Busan, South Korea

Asia Exchange Association hosts ‘2020 ASEAN-Korea Youth Debate Championship’ on the 27 ~ 28 Nov. 2020 in cooperation with Busan Metropolitan City with an aim to maximize the outcome of the ‘ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit’ and to build cooperative relations with ASEAN nations as a part of ‘New Southbound Policy’ to provide a place for continuous exchange among the leaders of the next generation in ASEAN and Korea. This event will be a venue where young generation gather together to identify problems in various fields such as politics, economy, society, and international relations ASEAN and Korea face today and discuss ways to prepare for a positive future. It will be the place for continuous exchange between the youths of ASEAN and Korea. We look forward to the interest and participation of ASEAN-Korea youth leaders who will lead the future society
  • Team of four university or Graduate school students with interest in ASEAN-Korea issues in the area of society, culture, economy, politics and security

Required Document:

  • Application Form Download HERE
  • Presentation File (PPT or PDF maximum 20 pages). HERE
Application form and presentation form available on the website

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Debate Topic by Sector (Please choose one topic from Society·Culture, Economy and Politics·Security)
    • ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Plan against COVID-19 to overcome the stagnation of international cultural exchange 
    • ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Plan against COVID-19 for Sustainable Economic Development 
    • ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Plan against COVID-19 for New Security Fields (Health, Hygiene and Security)

Hosted & Organized:
, Busan Foundation for International Cooperation

Busan Metropolitan City

How to Apply:
via email

  • Application and any document or data submitted will not be returned, and all civil and criminal liability arising from imitation of idea or technology of the third party lies with the applicant
  • If false information or unfair behavior is detected on the submitted data, sanctions such as cancellation of selection will be taken, and no objection will be accepted
  • Eligibility for participation in the debate will be granted to those who passed the first document screening
  • Contact: Asia Exchange Association (+82-2-769-1140, 1063)

08 October 2020


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