Sunday, September 15, 2019

Asia Pacific Leadership Fellowship Program (APLP) 2020 in Hawai, USA (Fully Funded)

The East-West Center is pleased to accept applications for the 2020 Asia Pacific Leadership Program Fellowship (APLP), June 21-November 16, 2020. The APLP is the center of excellence for leadership education in the Asia Pacific region and a signature program of the East West Center. Applications are due by November 15, 2019. Please see below for details.

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, the APLP has created a network of 653 dynamic leaders in 45 countries who are helping to build a peaceful, prosperous and just Asia Pacific community.

The Asia Pacific Leadership Program is Experiential, Relational, Transformative, Optimistic, and Impact-oriented.

Each year, approximately 25 Fellows are selected to participate in the APLP and join a highly diverse, active community. Fellows have at least 5 years of professional work experience and normally 8 to 10. APLP Fellows must have at least a 3 year Bachelor's degree, and 56% of each cohort will also have completed a Masters degree. Cohorts typically have representation from over 18 countries and from every type of academic and professional background (as examples: science, business, development, politics, government, civil society, medicine, religious orders, art, finance, academia or research). The age of participants ranges from mid 20s to mid 40s with an average of 32 years old. There are no citizenship, age, or ethnicity restrictions

The Asia Pacific Leadership Program brings together people who want to co-create the future as self-reflective, resilient agents. Using experiential, place-based learning with a focus on equity, cohorts of leaders practice leadership strategies in nurturing environments.
For nearly 20 years, we have been cultivating leaders who are motivated and capable of creating positive impact in the Asia Pacific region. Incoming fellows join a network of 627 APLP alumni from 45 countries across the globe.
The APLP Approach:
  • Our programs stimulate individual growth and foster self-leadership for emerging and established leaders
  • We build on communities’ diversity and abundance by offering strategies that can be adapted to leaders’ own contexts
  • We support leaders as they practice implementing prototypes with teams, reflecting on results and refining for impact
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  • All APLP participants are granted a generous APLP Entry Fellowship by the East-West Center to cover the majority of program expenses. Regarding the supplemental costs of participation in the APLP (accommodation, living expenses etc.), a number of East-West Center funding opportunities are available. However, these supplemental scholarships are competitive and require submission of a completed Request for Scholarships form. Supplemental funds are awarded based on merit, proven need, program goals (such as diversity), and scholarship availability. Priority is given to the residency period in Hawai’i, as well as supporting participants from under-represented countries in the Asia Pacific region in line with the mission of the EWC. Almost all supplemental awards are partial scholarships.
  • All APLP fellows are encouraged to find their own funding. In the past, the majority of APLP participants have been partially or fully funded by employers, government agencies, NGOs, fellowships, minority scholarships, and other external sources, including sponsors and family support; or participants have been self-funded.
  • Only after they review your application, and if you are accepted into the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP), do we then award supplemental scholarships.
  • For further details on specific supplemental scholarships, please see the Supplemental Scholarships listings page which can be found in the official website. This information varies from year to year and is always subject to change.

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • A demonstrated commitment to promoting peace and prosperity in the Indo-Asia Pacific region through professional work, study or living experience
    • At least 5 years of work experience
    • Bachelor’s degree – applicants must have at least a 3-year bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited U.S. College or University or from a recognized institution of higher learning abroad.
    • There are no citizenship, age, or ethnicity restrictions.
  • Desirable Qualifications
    • Leadership track record in professional, public, and/or personal realms
    • Willingness to engage fully in experiential leadership development training
    • Deep involvement in a specific organization, business or community impact initiative (applicants must explain how, with their home-setting teams, they will experiment with the leadership strategies learned in APLP)
    • International experience and aptitude, including overseas residence, language skills, intercultural and diversity exposure
    • Experience of cohort learning, working collaboratively in small teams or in large groups.

How to Apply:
Create a Submittable account today to see the full application and apply for the 2020 APLP!
Please refer to application guidelines and specific requirements of the program before completing this form.
  • Please complete the application in ENGLISH.
  • Read the instructions for each item carefully before entering your information.
  • Submittable does not log you out automatically when you exit your browser. Therefore, it is important that you sign out from your Submittable account, especially when you are using a public computer.
  • Since you will not be able to edit your application, make sure to thoroughly review your application before submitting. If your application is not ready, you can save it as a draft and submit it at a later time. The saved drafts of your application can be found in your account under My Submissions (or Submissions).
  • If after submission you need to change something in your application, contact the APLP staff either through Submittable or at
15 November 2019