Friday, January 18, 2019

Think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum 2019 in Budapest, Hungary (Funded)

Apply to attend the think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum 2019 taking place in Budapest from 2-5 April 2019. The think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum features outstanding young professionals (aged 24-38) soon to become important actors and decision-makers in the field of innovation, urban design, transport, automotive industry, informatics, and the connected social sciences and legal studies.
YLF is the only forum in Central Europe that gathers young professionals from the region who are active in the field of innovation, and provides them a platform where new innovative initiatives can be discussed and employed. YLF connects experts from the fields of social sciences, engineering, and natural sciences to create a bridge between these fields and help young decision makers to make their innovations more effective and to better understand different aspects of current issues. In the meantime, YLF makes it possible for these young professionals to improve their leadership potential and learn new skills that will make them more competitive in their field of expertise.

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For selected participants coming from the EU 28, Western Balkans, or Eastern Partnership Countries, the following expenses are covered by the Knowledge Centre:
  • Accommodation with breakfast included
  • Lunch
  • Travel costs (the most economic and direct options only)
For those coming from any other countries, the following expenses are covered:
  • Accommodation with breakfast included
  • Lunch
Please note that the Knowledge Centre does not cover the costs of visa application (where applicable) and insurance of any kind for the participants (regardless of the scholarship granted).
The recruitment for this programme will be conducted on a competitive basis. All applicants will be notified about the results via e-mail.
For further information, please contact our colleagues at
  • Age Limit: 24-38
  • Educational Background: MA, PhD (both for ongoing and finished)
  • Motivated young professionals with leadership potential whose professional activities are related to the main topics of the conference: social innovation, digitalisation and democracy, innovation in housing, urban studies.
  • They accept applications of those who consider themselves young leaders and (soon-to-be) decision makers in the field of urban design and planning, housing, digitalisation, human-machine interactions, modernisation, and the connected social and legal studies.
  • They accept applications from experts with a background in natural and social sciences, who are focusing on the above-mentioned topics in their professional career.

Application Requirements
  • Young professionals focusing on the above-mentioned topics with experience in the fields of innovation and development related policies (private and public sector), international law, social sciences, economy, natural sciences connected to current topics of YLF
  • Working knowledge of English (C1)
  • Willingness to actively engage both in the programme of YLF and the think.BDPST conference and participate in different on-line and off-line activities before and during YLF To be considered for this programme, interested parties should submit their application with their up-to-date CV (one page, uploaded in PDF format, including the applicant’s age) by 25 January 2019, midnight CET.

How to Apply:
Please visit HERE for applying

25 January 2019

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