Monday, April 1, 2019

Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara (PPAN), Aceh - Indonesia

PPAN is an Inter-country Youth Exchange program organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) with the government in the destination country. This program has been going on for +/- 40 years and has given birth to many alumni, including Azyumardi Azra (former Chancellor of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta / Muslim scholar), AM Fachir (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia), Fasli Jalal (Deputy Minister of Education & Indonesian Culture), A. Fuadi (novelist of Negeri 5 Menara), and Andrie Djarot (host of Trans 7 Morning Editor).

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  • Believe and put your trust in God Almighty
  • From and live in Aceh Province
  • Has carried out community development in various fields
  • Physical health, no smoking, and drug free
  • Minimum high school / equivalent education
  • Single
  • Have a national and national insight as well as extensive knowledge on national and international issues.
  • Able to communicate in active English (oral and written).
  • Never stated before passing PPAN stated by Kemenpora
  • Mastering one type of art skill
  • Never been involved in a criminal act and or was sentenced based on a court decision
  • Has BPJS Health Insurance
  • Able to communicate effectively and skillfully using social media such as email, twitter, facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Committed to actively contribute to the alumni organization (PCMI) and will carry out Post Program Activity (PPA) activities
  • Meet the age criteria when eliminated by the Indonesian Youth Exchange and Sports Exchange Office
    • Australia (AIYEP): Man, 21-25 Years Old
    • Kapal Pemuda Asia Tenggra Jepang (SSEAYP)*
    • Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia Malaysia (IMYEP): Man, 23-27 Years Old
    • Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia Korea Selatan (IKYEP): Women, 18-24 Years Old
 *To be confirmed 
How to Apply:
  • Participants download forms and other files on from March 19 to April 1, 2019
  • The participant fills out the application form and fulfills the requirements for the Initial File Selection
  • All files are included in the folder and written Description: Name of Participant and Program selected on the cover map:
    • Blue for the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) *
    • Red for the Australian Indonesa Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP)
    • Yellow for the Indonesia Malaysia Youth Exchange Program (IMYEP)
    • Green for the Indonesia Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP)
Files and Forms can be delivered / sent to the Aceh Youth and Sports Office:

Jl. Gurami No. 18, Lampriet, Banda Aceh (Behind Sri Ratu Safiatuddin / PKA Park). On working days and hours. Files received at the Aceh Office of Youth and Sports Agency no later than April 1, 2019.
After the file is delivered / sent, participants confirm at Aceh

04 April 2019