Wednesday, June 12, 2019

SNCC (Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation) Ambassador of Change Program 2019 (Full Scholarship to Amsterdam)

The Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (SNCC) Ambassador of Change is a global opportunity for Commonwealth countries. It is a community set up for girls and young women age 18- 25 years old, who are young leaders and change-makers in the communities.

Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation (SNCC) started the “SNCC Ambassador of Change Program” in January 2019 to discover, recognize, appraise and connects all young change-makers in the commonwealth countries. They are using this program to focus on creating awareness and the break- down of gender stereotypes and other injustice caused by other SDG challenges in society.

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Benefits:The top outstanding ambassador with outstanding performance and achievements will be given:
  • A full Scholarship to Amsterdam for a “Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop”.
  • A small grant will be given to fine- tune your “Change Project”- Project will be closely monitored.
  • A certificate of excellence for all outstanding SNCC Ambassador of change.
  • Featured in the foundation’s newsletter and magazine, as the “outstanding ambassadors of the year”.
  • This program will identify all the challenges in the commonwealth communities.
  • The challenges will be categorized into sections and people affected by the challenges will be stated in all sections.
  • The program will address gender stereotypes and other challenges affecting young people in society
  • The program will bring together all female young change-makers in the commonwealth countries
  • The program will help discover and break- down gender stereotypes and other challenges in the commonwealth countries.
  • The program is to build female leaders in the commonwealth countries
  • The program will serve as a means of connecting all female change-makers in the commonwealth society through the monthly online summit and annual conference.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • will create awareness of gender stereotypes and other injustice caused by other challenges in society.
  • will discover victims of injustice caused by gender stereotypes and other challenges in the society
  • will become mentors to younger girls age 10- 16, after undergoing extensive mentorship program.
  • will achieve leadership task in their communities, thereby showcasing their leadership skills
  • will create one unique change in their community, thereby making a positive change in their community
  • will promote Change in their community
  • will work with Five (5) local and state government of their country to look into the pressing challenges affecting young people in their society and find possible solutions to the challenges.
  • The person applying for SNCC ambassador of Change program must be a female age 18- 25 years old.
  • She must possess good command of English.
  • Passionate about gender equality and other SDGs challenges.
  • Have a network of young people to address or impact.
  • Must be able to recruit 20 young ambassadors in her team.
  • Be an undergraduate, graduate or in a group where she can create awareness of gender stereotypes and other challenges.
  • Will engage in outdoor campaign/activities or outreach program, where she will have a one-on- one conversation with victims of injustice
  • Own a laptop or computer to attend online summit.
  • Participate in all online summit and conference.
  • Detailed oriented with a dedication to delivering quality work and output.
  • Possess self- discipline required to work independently.
  • Willing to work in remote settlements and travel.
  • Able to work under pressure and extra hours.
  • Interested in the welfare and education of children.
  • Have a knowledge of gender stereotypes and other SDGs challenges..
  • A goal- getter and an achiever- who achieves set goals and objectives.
  • You work with target- Setting of goals and meeting the goals promptly.
  • You must be tech- savvy- Comfortable in using social media, google docs and sheets.
  • Applicants from common- wealth countries will be given first priority.
  • Anyone in the world can also apply to become a SNCC Ambassador of Change.

How to Apply:

  • First step:
  • Second Step:
    • Write a comment on the facebook group to introduce yourself:
      • State your country
      • What your “change project” would be
      • Why you believe your change project will make a positive impact in your country
  • Third Step:
    • Apply Online to start the journey of becoming an SNCC Ambassador of change.
  • Fourth Step:
    • For 2019/2020 applicants of SNCC Ambassador of Change Program, await a response e-mail to your application, requesting for your leadership portfolio work.
  • Fifth Step:
    • Send your leadership portfolio within 7- 30 days after receiving your portfolio task by email.
    • Note: June 30th, 2019 is the deadline for submission for applicants that applied by June 15th, 2019.
  • Sixth Step:
    • For all applicants with the outstanding leadership portfolios, great response rate, active participation on our social media pages, await a date- schedule email to visit and inspect your leadership work in your country before approving your work
  • Seventh Step:
    • All SNCC Ambassador of Change whose leadership work is approved and has good scores in all other aspect, will be contacted by email.
    • You can also check your application status online. Check Status
15 June 2019 (Applying)
30 June 2019 (Submission)