Thursday, July 16, 2020

[Bachelor Degree] Kanazawa University Short-Stay Program (2020-2021) (KU-SSP), Japan (JASSO Scholarship)

Kanazawa University is a leading university on the Sea of Japan coast, the University has contributed greatly to Japanese higher education and academic research since it was founded in 1949.

One of the University’s charms lies in being able to study in Kanazawa, a city rich in history and traditional culture. Kanazawa has cultivated a respected intellectual profile since the time of the Kaga fiefdom (1598 – 1867). Lively interaction among students, communication with staff, and the local community make it the perfect venue for students’ personal growth and development.

We are pleased to inform you that the Application for the Kanazawa University Short Stay Programs 2020-2021 is now open.
  • Summer Program (Festival Visit): June 22 – July 10 (3 weeks) (subject to change)
  • Winter Program (Japanese New Year): December 27,2020 -January 16, 2021 (3 weeks)  (subject to change)
  • Spring Program (Touch of Japanese Culture): February 15-24 (10 days) (subject to change)

Program Fee
JPY 200,000 for the Summer and Winter Programs
JPY 100,000 for the Spring Programs
Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) Scholarship
Up to 20 participants in each program belonging to the institutions that have concluded a Memorandum on Student Exchange with Kanazawa University and having the nationality of the countries or regions that have diplomatic relations with Japan will be paid a monthly stipend, if accepted as a JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) scholarship grantee. 
(Note: Students from Taiwan and Palestine are also considered eligible. Students who have Japanese citizenship are NOT eligible.)


Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements.They must:
  • be currently enrolled in the undergraduate program at the partner universities of Kanazawa University, 
  • be in good academic standing,
  • have a clear purpose for study abroad as well as full intention to devote themselves to academic and other cultural activities,
  • go back to their home institutions and continue their education after finishing the program, 
  • be able to obtain appropriate visa status in Japan,
  • be proficient in English (CEFR B2 level) and have possibly studied the Japanese language for more than one semester. 
How to Apply:
  • Step 1: Fill out the application form and prepare additional documents below.
    • Official or unofficial transcript from the applicant’s home institution (1 copy, PDF format)
    • ID photo (1 copy, 3cm x 4cm, JPEG or other digital format)
    • Photocopy of the ID page of the applicant’s passport (1 copy, PDF format)
    • Proof of Japanese or English Proficiency (or a letter of recommendation issued by a specialist in language education) (1 copy, PDF format)
  • Step 2: Submit the completed application materials to the international office of the home institution.
    Note that Kanazawa University only accepts application through the applicant’s home institution. Application by an individual student will not be processed.
  • Step 3: The applicant’s home institution will send his/her application materials to Kanazawa University by deadline.
  • Application materials are available online at the School of International Education website ( 
 Note that application individually submitted by students will not be accepted

24 September 2020 (Winter)