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Vulcanus in Japan - A Training Programme for EU / International (COSME) Students, Japan (Fully Funded)

Vulcanus in Japan started in 1997. The programme consists of industrial placements for EU* / COSME** students. It starts in September and ends in August of the following year in order to accommodate the academic year in EU Member States. 
The students follow:
  • a one-week seminar on Japan,
  • a four-month intensive Japanese language course,
  • and then an eight-month traineeship in a Japanese company.
  • To study the range of advanced technologies employed by a leading Japanese host company.
  • To learn Japanese and to understand and appreciate Japanese culture with a view to an enriching one year experience abroad.
  • To be well placed in your future career to interact with Japanese businesses and people.
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This programme is financed by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and the Japanese host company. The EU* / COSME** students are awarded a grant (Yen 1.900.000) to cover the cost of travel to and from Japan and living expenses in Japan. There is no charge for the language course and seminar, and accommodation is provided free of charge during the course and seminar and the company traineeship.


You must be:
  • citizen of an EU Member-State * or a COSME ** partening country.
  • a student of engineering or science *** at an EU / COSME university, enrolled –at the  moment of application in between the 4th official year of university studies (3 undergraduate + 1) and the penultimate year of PhD.
  • able to provide a certificate of enrollment at the university valid until at least 3 months prior to the starting of the programme
(*) note for British applicants
(**) Non EU ? Please check if your country has joined COSME and the agreement is “in force”. Then you can apply. (See here the status of your country & of the country of your university.)
(***) Computer science, science engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical, electronics, biotechnology, electrical engineering, physics, telecommunication, nuclear engineering, civil engineering, metal materials, ceramics, production system, GNSS …

Required Document:
  • CV
  • Letter explaining why you wish to take part
  • Letter of recommendation
  • List of all your University grades
  • System of grading at your University
  • Certificate of enrolment at your University OR letter from university administration, stamped
  • Medical self-declaration, co-signed by your General Practitioner
  • AT THE END OF YOUR FOLDER, in a separate plastic sheet: photocopy of documents from n°1 to n°8 (same order)
  • Online submission of personal data, through the online link (only one submission permitted)

How to Apply:
  • Documents for session 2020/2021: see the grey box on official webpage.
  • Info on how to apply can be found on the top left of the 1st page of the Application Form
  • Info on the documents to submit can be found in the list on the 1st page of the application form.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the "Frequently Asked Questions" document and "

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