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[Bachelor Degree] IPB Scholarship Program 'Beasiswa Utusan Daerah' (BUD), Indonesia (Fully Funded)

BUD is a way of admitting students to undergraduate and postgraduate programs of IPB that are recommended and funded by the central government, regional governments, companies or private institutions, which if they are expected to return to the regions to develop the region.

IPB Cares for the Region
  • The experience of various countries and developed regions proves that quality human resources and science and technology are important for the acceleration and strengthening of development, including the development of food and agriculture in the broad sense in the context of improving the regional economy and people's welfare.
  • Improving the quality of human resources and science and technology is a shared responsibility, especially by higher education, government, local government, the private sector and the community.
  • In order to increase the number and quality of human resources and science and technology quality for development, IPB with the motto "Looking for and Giving the Best", opened a special path, namely the Regional Messenger Scholarship (BUD) pathway, for outstanding Indonesian children from various regions to become IPB students .

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Scholarship Financing Component by Sponsor
  • Registration fee is IDR 500,000
  • Education costs IDR 15,000,000 per semester
  • PPKU IPB Dormitory Fee is Rp 1,400,000 (only paid once in the first year). In the first year students are required to stay in the PPKU IPB hostel
  • BPJS contribution fee (for those who do not have insurance) Rp. 600,000 / year
  • Education support costs (living expenses, boarding fees, book fees and research costs) are adjusted to the ability of each partner to be given to scholarship recipients

  • Potential science-based high school, MA or SMK graduates, recommended and funded by the central government, local government, companies or private institutions with the following criteria:
    • Aged not more than 25 years
    • Have a good high school report score (minimum 7.00 (range 0.00 - 10.00) for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology subjects for the first 5 semesters)
    • Physically and mentally healthy
    • Drug free
    • Willing to live in PPKU-IPB Dormitory in the first year

How to Apply:
Performed institutionally (not individually) by the Central Government / Regional Government / Sponsor Agency. Registration is done online via the web

Please see the List of Funding Partners from previous years as a reference on the following link Funding Partners. HERE

Please visit the official page for the Registration Process  (Bellow)

Contact Program BUD
Sekretariat BUD Program Sarjana
Direktorat Kerjasama dan Program Internasional (Ribka dan Ani)
Gedung Andi Hakim Nasoetion lantai 1 Kampus IPB Darmaga Bogor, 16680
Telpon : 0251-8624092, 8622642 ext. 111, Faks : 0251-8629882, 8624092
Email :
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30 May 2020

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