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[Master and PhD Degree] University of Newcastle Scholarships 2020, Australia

The main type of financial support available to graduate researchers is in the form of scholarships. At UON we offer a range of scholarships to help you meet your living costs while you study.

Every scholarship has its own set of terms and conditions. It’s important that you read through the details and eligibility criteria before you start an application. On this page we set out the things you need to know about all our scholarships before you read all the fine print
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1. University and Commonwealth Government Scholarships

As part of your degree application you will be asked if you would like to be assessed for a research scholarship. This means that you are applying for the Research Training Program (RTP) - a scholarship funded by the Commonwealth Department of Education - or one of the University of Newcastle’s Research Scholarships.

  • A scholarship funded by the University of Newcastle or the Commonwealth Government provides an annual living allowance of $27,596 per annum (2019 rate - indexed annually).
  • Our scholarships for international students cover the cost of tuition fees, and in some cases include the cost of compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover. 
  • All domestic students have their fees covered by the RTP, to a maximum of 4 years for PhD candidates and 2 years for MPhil students.


  • meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement (IELTS of at least 6.5; 7.0 in some disciplines);
  • meet the admission criteria for the qualification you are applying for – MPhil or PhD;
  • have support from the School you will be enrolled with, i.e. the nominated supervisor in the form of a Pre-Identified Candidate (PIC) code.
A determination of your award will be made alongside your degree application. The assessment takes into account your academic qualifications, research credentials and prior experience.

Advice on enhancing your University and Commonwealth Government Scholarship application can be found on this information sheet.

For more information on the process and terms and conditions for the awards, please see the following documents:
Research Scholarship Guidelines
Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship Policy
Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Scholarship Policy


01 September 2020

2.  Current students
Current students may submit a scholarship application after commencement. Your application can be submitted by email to graduate-research@newcastle.edu.au throughout the year and must be supported by your supervisor and is subject to a competitive awards process. Applicants must provide evidence of any research training, publications and any other relevant qualification to assist in the determining of the award.

See the Higher Degree by Research Scholarship Guidelines for more information.

3. International Scholarships

UON has partnered with the following organisations to offer scholarship awards to worthy eligible candidates:

4. UON Disability Support PhD Scholarships
UON acknowledges the need to support a diverse student population and enable equity of access to all.
Up to 5 UON PhD Scholarships are offered annually for students with disability or ongoing medical condition.


These scholarships supports students of high academic achievement whose condition significantly impacts their ability to study a research doctoral degree. Recognizing the impact of impairment on study, this scholarship supports candidates for an extended period of time (up to 4 years equivalent full time study) and is available for part-time study. Be advised that this scholarship is only available to Australian and New Zealand citizens, Permanent Residents of Australia and applicants currently holding an Australian Humanitarian Visa.

How to Apply:

To apply, complete the online application form including a copy of your Reasonable Adjustment Plan; or a letter from UON’s AccessAbility outlining the impact of their conditions/s on HDR study.


01 September 2020

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