Friday, June 12, 2020

[Diploma and Bachelor Degree] Future Global Leaders Scholarships For International Student at University of Islam Indonesia, Indonesia

Studying at UII provides an interesting multicultural experience with students from various regions and from foreign countries. UII is committed to open up opportunities to study for international students. In 2019, we offer 58 full tuition fee waiver scholarships for international students to study at UII.

The programs on offer under the Future Global Leaders Scholarships are those taught in Bahasa Indonesia, both Diploma and Bachelor Degree Programs. In terms of duration of study, the Diploma Program offers a 3 year program, and the Bachelor Degree Programs offer a 4 year program.

Find information about each study program offered in this scholarship program through the link below:
The Future Global Leaders Scholarships 2020 is open to international students from any countries with the quota scheme. The quota per study program is as follows:
  • Diploma Program (3 years program)
    • Accounting 2
    • Analytical Chemistry 2
    • Management 2
  • Bachelor Program (4 years program)
    • Law 2
    • Management 2
    • Economics 2
    • Architecture 2
    • Civil Engineering 2
    • Environmental Engineering 2
    • Chemical Engineering 2
    • Mechanical Engineering 2
    • Electrical Engineering 2
    • Industrial Engineering 2
    • Informatics 2
    • Islamic Economics 2
    • Islamic Education 2
    • Islamic Law (Akhwal Al-Syakhsiyyah) 2
    • Communication Science 2
    • Psychology 2
    • International Relations 2
    • English Education 2
    • Medical Education 2
    • Pharmacy 2
    • Chemistry 2
    • Chemistry Education 2
    • Statistics 2
    • Accounting 4

Scholarship winners are exempt from registration fees and tuition fees. However, you are still expected to finance your BIPA Program (Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing/ Indonesian Language for Foreigners), living expenses including meals, accommodation, and transportation, visa and stay permit fees, flight tickets, books etc. The cost of living can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, budget, and spending habits.

Requirement and How to Apply:
The Future Global Leaders Scholarships 2020 is awarded to eligible high school graduates who are citizens of countries other than Indonesia. The minimum requirements are those who:
  • Have completed your secondary school/ senior high school education in your country;
  • Have achieved excellence results of study;
  • Are not holders of any other scholarships or grants.
Meeting the minimum entry requirements means you are eligible to apply to Future Global Leaders Scholarships 2020, but it does not guarantee selection. You need to apply online at, fill in the form of each step and select the Future Global Leaders Scholarships 2020 option on the funding source choices.

The requirements to be prepared before starting the online application are:
  • Certified copies of your graduation certificate and academic transcript (if the language is other than English, please kindly provide the translation documents with an official stamp from the translator office);
  • The color scan of the first (photo) page of your passport;
  • Letter of good health*;
  • Current curriculum vitae/resume;
  • Statement of purpose;
  • Declaration stating that you will not work on your study visa and you will obey Indonesian law*; and
  • Passport-sized photos with red background.
* templates can be downloaded at

27 July 2020